Top 10 Shower Design Ideas 2016

In this generation, a lot of concepts and ideas revolving all the areas of the house can differ from one another. Though factors like taste and style, budget, and size may affect the design and concept of the house.

One of the growing concepts and ideas are revolving around the bathroom area of the house. This area is given much time and effort to create a relaxing design for the homeowners to help them alleviate the stress and fatigue they’ve acquired from the day’s work or school time.

In this category, we collected a lot of photos bathroom shower design ideas 2016 to help you choose everything you need. Also, you can try these pieces of advice which are trending shower design ideas 2016:


Many manufacturers have released new-purposed timber products that emit natural warmth to bring a more relaxing vibe in a showering area.


Cool hues such as blues and emerald greens bring a new level of tranquility in any bathroom space. With a touch of wood and crisp white fixtures and furniture along with metallic and rustic accents, the showering area will surely have an edgier and more sophisticated look to it.


A lot of bathroom space exhibits patterned and geometric tiling that has grown more and more each year. From colored to the classic white tiles that vary from designs and patterns, any bathroom will surely create buzz talk from all the visitors of the homeowners.


Wood isn’t the only natural material that can give off the natural vibe homeowners are looking for. With the increasing desire of homeowners to look for texture and styles, they are turning to natural stones and rocks and more to add great creative value to their counter tops, walls, and even the bathroom floor.


Boat builders have been using timber duckboard flooring for years and is making its way to bathroom floors today. And since homeowners are looking for more warmth, they are looking outside the common materials used in the past decades.


A number of owners prefer separate handsets and showerheads rather than the common showerhead which can also be the handset. The goal is to offer a larger shower head and a separate handset for the convenience of the homeowners.


Many homeowners may prefer the functionality of the bathroom should be prioritized rather than the design, especially for women. Women are known to be great caretakers of themselves which are why they have different skin care and grooming products which needs to be tucked away to give their bathroom the cleanliness and orderliness vibe it has to have.


Metals are one of the consistently trending materials present in-house design and styling for the recent years. It adds glamorous effects and contrasts beautifully against natural materials.


The white is returning on bathroom shower ideas 2016. Fixtures in this hue would be adding the clean look especially against bold or black colors which gives any bathroom space that extra flair it needs.


Aside from functionality and design, the focus has also been concentrated on the ambiance of the shower space. It has become a place of escape especially from the exhaustion the day of work any homeowner has acquired. Many prefer the having the luxurious ambiance while most prefer the natural and cool vibe of their bathroom area.


This is the year of the industrial enthusiasts for there is a rising industrial-inspired design for bathrooms and other spaces of the house. Though concrete can emit a cold and harsh vibe, contrasting it with textures and natural materials can soften it and create a cozier look for the shower area.


A trend of adding greens and leafs indoors has become a trend since 2015 and is thriving to stay on the radar this year. This is to bring the outdoor within and to add a vibrant color and life to any shower space.


Handmade tiles are becoming a new thing today. Not only it adds a great and fresh design, but it also adds individuality and uniqueness to a bathroom space. Their imperfections bring out the beauty in them making them top priority in the list of homeowners looking for fresh and new bathroom ideas.

Many classic and fresh shower design ideas 2016 are mostly combined to create different looks to suit the styles of the homeowners. The following has been listed to help both owner and designer to create a look and feel that would suit the lifestyle of the homeowners. This is to not only to give them a worthy bathroom but to give homeowners a space for relaxation and escape before they rest their heads on their comfortable beds.

Any renovation starts from choice of new designs. No matter what you are intending to change in your house, a bathroom (by the way check our bathroom tile ideas), a bedroom, a patio, a kitchen or a house front, then we have something special for.