Something New From Cosentino

Recently, Cosentino Company has announced new Tile and Dekton Floor program that instantly became very popular and interesting for the customers.


Dekton represents a new material used in architecture and construction that has many advantages and strong points. It shows a high level of strength and durability, and it explains the reason it is widely used in interior and exterior designs. Nowadays you may buy Dekton in the new form; the large-format has been recently introduced in the market and is now available for purchasing.

Dekton is a tile material that can be similar to porcelain, but it is innovation in the world of floor coverings. You may use it whenever you like having a lot of options and opportunities. This is a new generation of tiles and products that will run the market soon. Cosentino representatives marked the unique technique of production of Dekton and once more mentioned quality, resistance and many more advantageous features of this material. Dekton is the blend of many materials that compile all advantages from each of them. It can bear high pressure and intensive exploitation. The purchase of Dekton is a right and reasonable choice. It will be available in more than 30 beautiful and rich colors and several sizes what will satisfy each client. You can visit the official page of the company to obtain more information. 

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