Solar Power Energy is Used More Than Ever in Australia

Today there may be counted more than 20 million solar installations. They are used by citizens, families and even factories.

SunWiz is considered to be the most experienced and reliable consultancy bureau, so the official data represented to the public are taken from it. The generation of electricity using solar power is popular throughout the country, and it permits to save money and cut the sums on monthly bills. SunWiz has confirmed that the number of installations in Australia may be a world record because about the 20 percent of the country’s households have or plan to buy such an installation. In 2016, Australia is a part of top 10 countries based on the volume of installed capacity.

Solar energy and clean electricity produced is now about 3 percent of overall electricity, but this number is continuing to grow.

This amount can be called insignificant or sound so, but the reality shows that it is a valuable contribution as solar panels produce different amounts of the electricity during different seasons and weather conditions. SunWiz also has some predictions for 2016. It says that the growth in the solar sector will be at least 10%. The commercial sector will also make a lot of progress, and a great growth is expected.

Some expectations concerning online utility projects also took place. SunWiz doesn’t expect much because the focus is not made on these projects at this stage of development. To sum up, the consultancy bureau has provided some statistical data that show to the full the real situation in the commercial sector of solar energy power installations.

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