Solar Energy Top 5 Pros and Top 3 Cons

There no exists a perfect solution for everyone and solar energy is not an exception. It has it pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, strong and weak points. Of course, benefits are huge, but we cannot ignore existing shortcomings. Let’s explore the most important of them concerning not only home, but also industrial use of it.

Pros of Solar Energy

1. Environmental

Solar power and installation panels can help not only people, but also environment. Want to know how? It worth mentioning that it doesn’t make harm, doesn’t pollute the atmosphere and moreover it produces energy safely without emissions and fossil fuels. In this way human and industrial use of solar energy doesn’t provoke any climate changes which can be considered as great dangers to our planet and environment. Valuable source of energy has no limited supply that is why it can be used non-stop.

2. Quiet process

Unlike other ways of energy production, the electricity production with the use of solar energy is a quiet process that doesn’t cause any noises or inconveniences. Solar panels can be named independent and self-sufficient. They don’t have to be maintained by people and the absence of moving parts makes the process even more beneficial.

3. Free energy

One of the most significant points is the cost to be more precise, zero cost. Solar energy is absolutely free; this source is available for everyone. But you need to know that initial investments made to buy panels and cells can be higher than expected, but you will cover all the expenses after some years of their use. Providing free energy, solar panels are a wonderful solution for many homeowners throughout the country. Experts suppose that solar panels are cost effective and only bring benefits.

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4. Mobile

Solar panels can be used everywhere including the most remote locations. It is very convenient for people who own houses, but do not have the access to the power system. But it not only about people; do you know where are also can be efficiently used? Think of space where solar energy is used in order to power the satellites. That is why we can call them once more independent. Using local energy you are independent from external supplies wherever you are.

5. Low space

Install solar panels on the rooftop of your house – you don’t need much space, the placement can be easily found. The problem of space lack is eliminated without any difficulties.

Cons of Solar Energy

1. Initial costs

Undoubtedly, they are not so many, but anyway they still exist. The main point as it often happens is financial. Initial cost may be considered a considerable drawback. It can be doubled if you need several solar installations. Not all house owners may afford a cell that cost a little less than $1000. Investments are not affordable for everyone and can’t be called cheap. But there are some ruses that can help you buying solar cells at more or less reasonably price.

2. Daylight only

Solar energy can be used during daylight hours; it can’t be produced 12 months a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You are able to use solar panels only if the weather outside permits. This is the con that makes solar energy dependent on weather conditions. It can’t work during the night hours; it will work badly during cloudy or foggy days. You will not always be able to use energy whenever you want because the problem of energy storage is not easy to deal with.

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3. Less efficient

Many unlucky people live in a much polluted areas, so the performance of the installations will be less efficient and productive. This con is very considerable especially when it comes to industrial use of solar cells.  The performance of panels in polluted zones leaves much to be desired.

Summing Up

As you could see there are many solar energy pros and cons, and what one of them will become a decisive factor depends on individual. Above mentioned positive and negative features of solar energy will help people decide on solar installations and make a right choice that they will never regret of. But it is impossible to disagree that solar energy is changing our life in many ways and helps us to live better and in more comfortable conditions. The time has come to think about solar energy as the new way of electricity production that is very important for people and families who own houses and live in the countryside, and for businessmen who run enterprises.

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