Pest Control Services

Life has moved on since ameba came into existence. Evolution moved on to create the most beautiful intelligent creature on the Earth, biologically the Homo Sapiens, simply to say the human beings. As of evolution, the earth got numerous species of bacteria, virus, worms, insects, fishes, birds, reptiles, mammals.Humans are supreme and control the whole biological world to their benefit. Humans slowly started to walk on the path of civilization.There was a slow shift from Cave to city dwelling over a long period of time. Now the word house came into existence. House slowly got switched over to Home. It is the home the ultimate man-made heaven where all kind of research is put to bring out a dwelling place at par with facilities of heaven. Here comes into picture the pests.

PESTS: Pests are the number one enemy of a human dwelling as the perception goes. They are the one keep the balance in Nature. Humans cannot wipe out the entire world of pests.But they can control them in their vicinity. Here comes the role of professional pest control services. Pests are enemies of human development. They are either plant or animal harmful to his existence in the way of destruction of his food, health, and place of living. As research goes, it is clear that the pests can continue after a nuclear holocaust. Humans will perish.

PEST CONTROL: Present question is the existence of peaceful, enjoyable living by humans. So control pests in and around the human space. Keep them away from cities, fields, human establishments. Pests fall under both vertebrate and invertebrates. Under the vertebrate they are birds (Pigeons, seagulls, Canada goose, cowbirds), mammals (big cats, rats, mice, rabbits, fox, opossum, bear, raccoons, gophers, beavers, moles, feral cat, feral dog, coyote, wolf, vampire bat, eastern grey squirrel, wild boars) and amphibians (bullfrogs). Invertebrate pests are insects, nematodes, parasites, gastropods.

The big challenge to humans are the insects. The list is quite big. Important ones are ants, cockroaches, flies, wasps, grasshoppers, crickets, lice, bed bugs, mosquitoes, woodworm, termites, bookworm, silverfish, carpet beetle, gypsy moth.

HOW TO CONTROL THE PESTS: The method has to be Eco-friendly, keeping the balance between nature and humans. Every creation of God has some purpose in this world, and human interference will only make harm to mankind. So the destruction of pests too should be in an equation with the bio-spherical boundaries of significance.Too selfish a move will destroy the humanity. Love the nature, love the coexistence of lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. Now let us talk about the controlling methods, ways of pests.

There are many ways of pest solutions. They may be organic, Chemical, Biological, Herbal, mechanical. There are many companies that work in this space. As the pests evolve to their strategies and try to outlive the challenge, the companies are always in the evolving mode to combat the new challenges posed by the newer stronger mutated varieties of pests. This happens with lower animals mostly insects.


In our list you can find more than 1400 local pro companies and contractors who can helps you with pest control management.

In Europe, the top ones are Rentokil, NBC, Eastern Pest Control, Martignani, ECO, BPCA, Pest Busters(Midlands) Ltd, New Pig Corporation, Bird-X Inc, Best-Pest.M.J, SICA, Peregrine Hawk Kites, Apolimansis Solutions, Wisecon, Inguana Vapore SRL, Compania DD, Blue Line Group.

In Asia the major pest control solutions are by Metro Pest Control Services, Nepal; Mamre Pest Control, India; Rentokil, China; CnG Pest control, Pakistan; Nayab Pest Control Services, Pakistan; SM Pest Control Services, Bangladesh, Sahaba Pest Control And General Services, Oman; Raksha Hygiene Services (Pest Control, India); Natural Green Pest control Thailand; NUMU Pest Control Services, Afghanistan; Pest Management Consultant ME, UAE; Gerboudenviro Pest Management Services,Philippines; Benchmark Pest Control Services LLC,UAE; Pro Shield Pest Control Services LLC, UAE; Telenet India; Ecosolatec Co, South Korea; Core Team Technology Thailand; Dougra services Saudi Arabia. Agrokon, Russia; Arabian Trading and Services Co, Saudi Arabia.

In Africa, it is mainly located in South Africa only.

Brief account of thr companies associated with pest control:

TERMINEX: with the service at its best for the last 85 years it is into termite termination. It has grown into a major in this field with techniques of insulation to prevent the pest expansion.

RIDDEX: Its digital pulse technology is superb in combating the pests without the use of noise or harsh chemicals.It generates high-pitched sounds which are beyond human audible limits.

ORKIN: Offering service throughout the country, it controls the seasonal variation in pest influx and uses the technology to monitor the same. It provides services both residential and commercial.

BLACK & DECKER: Insects and critters go away by the ultrasonic pest repellents without the usage of chemicals thereby providing space for pest free rejoice.

BELL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: Its instant freeze technology keeps the bugs away from the electronic devices while the machine is in running condition without deterring the work. It works in any given situation.

BULWARK: Operating from 16 service centers it offers the complete solution for exterminating the pests. It has the complete line of pest control services made available to its customers.

SOUTHERN PEST CONTROL: The company has discounted pest control package deals, two years service contract and provides services on termite and other pest control.

ECOLAB: Providing services specially to food serving and hospitality sector it provides the range of services to different segments of the industry.

STERITECH: In the commercial pest control sector it is thriving hard to live up to the expectations of the commercial pest control sector with regular check-ups for pest termination within 45 days of first application.

MCCLOUD: Providing pest control services to large food industries in the U.S. It protects the interest from food production till sale, taking care of the pest control part which is worth mentioning.

RENTOKIL: Serving the world from the different part of the world from Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Africa it is in service over 110 years in small and large pests. It is UK based and has stood the testing times from the pests which mutate.

Everything has been said about the pest control its realm, companies constantly at work to keep vigil over the menace of different pests small and large. Now it is our duty to keep us and our surroundings pest free for a happy and healthy long life. All the best for the generations to come to both humans and the companies which will deal future pest world.

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