Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

 Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReviewSamsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReviewSamsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReviewSamsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReviewSamsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner ReviewSamsung Powerbot SR8900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Pros and Cons

Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Pros

Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Cons

Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Features

There’s almost no stopping this cleaning machine

When the unit encounters adoorsill, its Smooth Climbing Wheel enables outstanding leverage and allows smooth movement across thresholds, over cords-or over various obstacles on the floor-up to 1.5cm high.

It sweeps up an ample amount in its path

The NaviBot-S is designed to clean your floors in less time than previous Samsung models. It has a 200mm-wide brush that’s wider than on previous Samsung models — this helps to take on crumbs, pet hair, and dust with reduced sweeping paths. The expanded brush compared to the previous Samsung Navibot, along with the blade, results in a fast and helps to increase efficiency in cleaning performance.

Tailor its cleaning routine to suit your needs

Schedule your cleaning to maximise convenience and help to increase free time! Set the NaviBot S to vacuum when you’re at work, out shopping, or spending the afternoon at a café. Just enter the time and day — it’s that simple. You can program a daily or weekly schedule so you’ll know your home is getting cleaned even when you’re not there.

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It quietly goes about its way

While the NaviBot S is vacuuming, you can chat on the phone, read a book or watch television —in the same room! It’s so quiet, you may find yourself looking up to see if it’s still on !

Auto Dust Emptying

Presenting a cleaning robot so advanced, it cleans itself! The Navibot S (SR8980) features the Auto Dust Emptying function, so when its dustbin is full, it intelligently returns to its docking station and empties its dust container into a central dust chamber. Auto Dust Emptying feature is only available on the Navibot S model SR8980 (and not on the Navibot S model SR8950)

Fast and smooth motion for great cleaning

Driven by an intelligent Visionary Mapping Plus system, these small and smart devices are capable of moving over many different surfaces, effectively and conveniently cleaning your home without you having to lift a finger. NaviBot S employs an onboard camera and two CPU chips to help create a map of your living space, charting its cleaning path. Its 12 clever safety sensors help to protect your valuable items and the Virtual Guard™ can be activated to help prevent the NaviBot S from cleaning in a particular area.

Its slim design fits under furniture and cleans hard-to-reach areas

The slim 80mm design of the NaviBot S allows it to easily manoeuvre and clean in narrow spaces so it does not lose cleaning performance even in unseen locations like under the bed.

Seeks out dust even in the hard to reach places

The NaviBot S also features a Dust Awareness Sensor that can see and react to dust. It is able to adjust its program in order to concentrate on areas that contain a large amount of dust and debris. This includes a power boost to help enhance pick-up in the affected area. The power level adjusts to the amount of dust in the area – automatically shifting to power boost cleaning mode when needed. The NaviBot S can automatically transition from hardwood floors to carpet, to help to ensure great cleaning of lots of different surfaces.

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Virtual Guard™

Virtual Guard™ helps to prevent the NaviBot S from entering a particular area — where there’s a crawling baby, a dog’s water bowl, or a precious antique vase perched on an end table. Just the push of a button sets up a virtual fence that the NaviBot-S is designed not to cross, helping to protect the space.

Cliff Sensor

There’s no need to block off your staircase to help prevent the NaviBot S from tumbling down. The cleaning robot has three Cliff Sensors that can detect the edges of steps and other deep areas, so it can steer away from potential falls – which helps to prevent damage to itself or breakage in your home.

Samsung Powerbot SR8900 Specifications


  • Speed 0.32 m/sec
  • Running Time (approximatley) 100 min
  • Charging Time (approximatley) 180 min
  • Suction Power No


  • Battery Type Li-ion


  • Bumper Sensor Yes

General Information 

  • Main Color Black
  • Remote Control Yes

Cleaning Mode 

  • Auto Yes
  • Manual yes
  • Max Yes
  • Spot Yes
  • Point Cleaning No
  • D’light Cool Yes
  • Dust Awareness Sensor Yes

Dust Collection 

  • Dust Bin Capacity 0.3 (product) + 2.0 (docking station)


  • Filtration EPA

Special Feature 

  • Display LED (Icon)

Physical specification 

  • Net Dimensions (HxWxD) 80 x 350 x 350 mm
  • Net Weight 3.6 kg
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