Wall Tile

Wall tile is one of the simplest solutions to protect and decorate the walls all over the house. Recently the tile was used only in kitchens and bathrooms. However modern industry offers great designer solutions. These tiles with perfect textures imitating natural stone and wood, sand and ice, linen and greenery will perfectly fit living rooms and lounge areas, patios and halls. We have also found great ideas of wall tile for bedrooms.Before choosing wall tile, you should determine how hard it will be used as kitchen wall tile should be extremely resistible to high temperature, meanwhile bathroom wall tile should be better protected from high humidity in the room. Wall tile for living rooms may not be very durable as in these areas it won’t be hard used.We also offer you great wall tile with glazed surface and mat finish. Our tiles imitate materials. We offer only high quality wall tile produced by the most reputable and trustable manufacturers. You will find as creative artworks to realize the most sophisticated design on the walls so basic wall tile at a reasonable price. Today wall tile is the most sought after material for walls among trend setting design studios and interior designers searching inspiration in nature!

If a kitchen update or remodel is on the agenda, then one quick and easy way to update it, is to tile a backsplash and kitchen wall..

Glassy tile – beautiful and practical..

The versatility of ceramic wall tile makes it a popular choice for floors and walls..