Cleaning Robots Reviews

Cleaning robots are not a myth anymore. These are real solutions for instant home cleaning that will work for you and even better than you. Of course, it goes not about super powerful smart computers being preset by masters and following weekly schedules of cleaning the house. We are still talking about primitive cleaning robots being able to brush and clean hard floors, tiles, carpets from dust and debris.

To find out the best appliance for you house we thoroughly test and review the hottest, the most wanted and the most advanced cleaning robots paying attention to their efficacy, cost and functionality.

Among the key factors we are focusing on is the noise as all of us desire to rest and relax in peace and tranquility. Modern appliances make too much of noise in our home environment. TVs, computers, microwaves, washing machines, traditional vacuum cleaners are buzzing, peeping and beeping informing you on the start and end of the process. Moreover, they are too noisy in the process of operation. New cleaning robots are almost silent. They cruising the house and clean the floors even better than a traditional vacuum cleaner does. What are the main benefits of innovative cleaning robots?

  • They are compact. Many housekeepers of really small houses constantly face the problem of storage of all the devices and appliances that are used from time to time. New cleaning robots are really compact and can be stored even in the kitchen cabinet;
  • They are autonomic.You just need to press a start button and the cleaning robot starts cleaning the floors;
  • Really intelligent cleaning system that does not need human control.

In the evolution of cleaning robots the devices have got many innovative features. They now feature sensors of obstacles, they have got sensors of dust and “know” how hard this or that part of the floor in your house. Innovative spot detecting sensors will not give a stain or a spot on the floor any chance to survive in this robot cleaning.

In this section we present the newest and the hottest cleaning robots for your home environment. We will try, test and review every device in the hardest possible mode. Reading this section you will be able to find out which of the cleaning robots will cope with pets fur best ad which of the available devices will do best for tile floors and which of new cleaning robots can be used outdoors.

The last generation of cleaning robots is a great breakthrough. The first cleaning robots prototypes were imperfect. They experienced troubles with brushing hair and big particles. Another problem, the first robot vacuum cleaners faced, were the dust containers. The latest versions of cleaning robots presented in this section are completely different appliances which will help keep your home environment clean. Follow this section to discover other automatic cleaning solutions for you home which will help you to live easier and to enjoy watching as somebody else cleaning your house while you will get more free time for your family and yourself!

iRobot Roomba 560 Review iRobot Roomba 560 is a middle class robotic cleaner developed by iRobot, one of the leaders in autonomous cleaning industry. This automated vacuum cleaner is a perfect addition to your home, apartment, office or other.

LG VR63409LV Roboking Square Experience a new level of clean with LG vacuum cleaners from LG. Boasting.

LG VR64604LV Roboking Square Dual Eye Robotic Bagless Vacuum Experience a new level of clean with LG vacuum.

Then people think about robot vacuums, the first word that probably comes to mind is "Roomba," the signature.

Overall this is a great little robot. It has helped us reduce our requirement to vacuum from sometime once a day.