Tile Manufacturers

Choice of tile is one of the essential parts of your home renovation. Finishing materials market offers the greatest choice of manufacturers, various sorts of tile and other products for tiling. Here you will find articles on tile and manufacturers and reviews of modern tile types as well as comparison of the most popular tiles. You will also know which type of material will be better for kitchen and bathroom, and which type of tile will better fit living room and patio. Some sorts of tile are not recommended to be used for walls meanwhile there are omni-purpose tiles. How to get the right one? Our experts will give you clear understanding which tile is the best option for you! We will help you not only choose unique styles for your home, but to sufficiently save costs!In this section, you will also find essential information on renovation and everything considering tiling: glues, solutions, agents used in tiling. Moreover, we have prepared the greatest photo galleries giving you ideas on how to decorate your home with various sorts of tile. We have reviews the most popular and trusted tile manufacturers from all over the world. We will help you to choose optimum tile for your house for your budget.

The UK's leading manufacturer and importer of floor and ceramic wall tiles, operating in both the residential and.

Ed Creske founded Wausau Tile in 1953, while working out of his two-car garage..

Home to some of the worlds oldest and best preserved prehistorical ceramic artifacts, Turkey boasts of an unbroken.

The province of Castellón is well-known for the quality of its clays and the ceramic tradition among its.

Our flooring experts share their experience and ideas on best flooring options for any room and its needs..

Porcelain tile is defined as tile with water absorption rate equaling or being lower than 0.5%..

Ceramic is one of the most durable covering materials ever known. If properly installed, ceramic tiles will.

Italian tile is known to be the best in the world as Italian tile manufacturers create not only durable high class.

Nestled in the hills of Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, is a company with a uniquely American character that honors.

Summitville Tiles, Inc. is the only tile manufacturer who also produces a complete line of grouts, mortars,.

As in all the other sectors of the company, Portobello also concerns itself with the quality in each step of the.

Porselanosa Grupo is presents in almost 100 countries..

The company Porcelaingres, based in Vetschau (Germany), produces full-body porcelain stoneware slabs inspired by.