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Tarkett is a worldwide leader (2007 sales of €2.1 billion) in flooring and sports surfaces serving architects, contractors, facility professionals, distributors, retailers to meet individual tastes and functional needs.

Everyday people all over the world experience our floors in different environments across housing, health, education, retail, hospitality, offices, sport.

The company produces a wide range of sustainable floors in different materials – vinyl, linoleum, rubber, laminate, wood, artificial turf and other sports surfaces. In 2007 Tarkett produced 347 million m2 of floor surfaces.

The company is organized in four Divisions – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and FieldTurf Tarkett (worldwide sports) – with 9000 employees worldwide, 28 production centres (16 in Europe) and some 50 sales companies.

Since 2003 the Group has operated under the Tarkett brand name.

Tarkett has several collections of laminate, all unique and modern. Here is a short description of each of them created by the producer and written in a very poetic way. Lets see! The Essentials – Happy Basics

The Essentials World is defined by classic designs enhanced through a palette of technical innovations that allow you to breathe new life into a room. The Free 731, Cool 832 and Woodstock 832 collections ground you in today, while guarding your precious day-to-day memories.

The Originals – Sensual Immersion

Step into a world inspired by the nature of faraway countries. Where pure decorative solutions and real textures coexist.

Bring home the exotic found within the tested Eden 731 and Jungle 832 Collections. Each stands out for its unique spirit, yet they remain linked for their original marked wood characteristics and dedicated finishes.

The Vintage – Raw Beauty

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In The Vintage World, yesterday is celebrated through the progressive style and feel of our Vintage 832 and Legacy 832 Collections – both featuring an authentic hardwood look and bevelled edges & unique textures.This is a world rooted in prestige. Tradition and innovation in harmony.

The Minerals – Cool Serenity

Escape the day to day stresses of modern life. Focus on the whole you – mind, body and spirit. Relax. Visualise yourself in a peaceful setting. Move away from hardwood realism and discover The Minerals universe with its selection of expressive designs based on slate and cement.Let that feeling of warmth given by solid rocks infuse yourself. Your home.

Lamin’art – Extravagant Treats Lamin’Art is the universe of extravagant, ultra-modern laminates.

These are above all individual, expressive styles for luxurious, sumptuous interior decoration. Because your home is the most personal and dramatic statement you can a make.

The Professionals

Specifically courting the high-end of the market, the Professionals universe reaches the perfect balance between upper-scale looks & feels with a palette of designs from classic oaks along exotic species and state-of-the-art technical features secured by a specific commercial guaranty.

Benefiting from the latest manufacturing technologies and innovations, the Smart 832 and Select 933 collections will take punishing intensive traffic while remaining a veritable decorative choice for living, work places as well as commercial buildings.

The Professionals have been designed to last.

How To Maintain Your Tarkett Laminate Floor Easy to maintain Tarkett Laminate floors are easy to clean and maintain. For day-to-day maintenance, all you need is a damp mop. For tougher clean-ups, use the Tarkett SureShine® cleaning solution. Stubborn Stain Care Guide: Use these smart tips to remove any stain. Stains: Soft drinks, syrup, wine, milk, juice, coffee, cream, tea, beer, chocolate, fruit, grape juice Care: Use a damp mop with a neutral floor cleaner such as Tarkett SureShine® Floor Cleaner or a household cleaner in lukewarm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Stains: Ink, ballpoint pen, lipstick Care: Alcohol or nail polish remover Stains: Cigarette burns, tar, oil-based paints, heel marks, asphalt, wax, oil, glue, shoe polish Care: Lighter fluid or nail polish remover

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