Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

Nobody will debate about laminate advantages over the other materials, such as simple installation, possibility to re-use it, solidity, impact resistance, variety of colors, sound isolation, environmental friendliness etc. So there are many laminate flooring manufacturers.

The construction market is full of different brands from all over the world. Here is the review of the most popular of the them.

Elite laminate is represented by the world class manufacturers, having acquaried their place in the market of laminate coverings some decades before.

Belgium laminate manufacturers

Quick Step laminate (Belgium) is traditionally considered to be the best in the world. The laminate manufacturers are represented by a wide range of brands different in design and solidity, and also in types of installation. Classic and creative variants of Quick Step, country and ethno styles, tile and marble pattern laminate – so many offers, that they probably will satisfy the needs of the most fastidious customers and designers. Quick Step is characterized by one-click locks with moisture-proof treatment, a solid HDF-panel and soild impact-proof floor surface. Due to these features this type of laminate’s got a lot positive responses from the grateful customers. The following collections are available: Perspective, Elegance, Noblesse, Quadra, Eligna, Classic, Majestic.

German laminate manufacturers

German laminate Witex is produced under strict control over manufacture norms and standards. Modern equipment guarantees production of a high class floors with a perfect design and functionality. The main feature of Witex is moisture resistance, which makes it suitable for the rooms with a high humidity. This type of laminate is equipped with a lock system LOC-TEC, preventing the floor from gaps occurrence during exploitation period. Witex offers the following collections: Castilia, Antica, Marena, Grand, Euro Projecte, Xenia.

Besides, Germany presents laminate floors Kronoflooring, which are easily installed and cleaned. This allows removing even the most solid spot from the floor by means of a wet cleaning. You can choose among any of Kronoflooring collections: Castello XL Stoneline, Castello Silent, Castello Cottage, Castello, Kronofix Silent, Kronofix.

Tarkett (Germany) is characterized by a genuine quality. Tarkett laminate can be wide and narrow, has an embossing and a posh texture. The following collections are available: VILLA Woodstock, EDEN, Smart, Tarkett Chic, Tarkett Chic 3D, Tarkett Cool, Kaleise, Kaleise Optic, Select, Legacy, Ceramica Effect, Stone Effect, Pop Art etc.

The oldest German company Classen produces a solid functional laminate for working and living spaces. Easy-to-maintain Classen laminate will look great for years. The following collections are available: Casa Atrio, Casa Romatica, Country Style Super, Villa Supreme, Futuro Bravo, Futuro Bravo Structure, Futuro Viva.German laminated floor Egger is one of the best examples of the cost-to-quality ratio. This fact probably explains a high demand for this brand. Choose between different Egger collections from Floorline series: Floorline cosmopolitan, Floorline classic, Floorline Mediterranean, Floorline Young&Fun etc.

Kronotex laminate (Germany) consists of four solid layers and is equipped with a robust lock mechanism. These features guarantee a unique solidity and a high demand in the market. Kronotex collections: Basic clic, Smart clic, Dynamic clic, Robusto clic, Mega clic, Isilock, etc.

Sweden laminate manufacturers

Another brand of laminate Pergo (Sweden) is extremely popular among customers. This type of covering is easy-to-use, durable and has a fine design. Pergo Company production is considered to be the most impact-, abrasion- and scratch-proof. Pergo laminate is also sound-proof, has a perfect lock-system, preventing from gaps occurrence and is therefore suitable for long-term use in premises with a high temperature difference. One of the advantages of Pergo laminate is that it is offered with attached backing material. Pergo collections: Pergo Home, Pergo Classic Plus, Pergo Classic Tiles, Pergo Marvella Plus, VINTAGE, EXOTIC, ORIGINAL, ELEGANCE, NATURAL TOUCH.

Norway laminate manufacturers

Nowadays laminate is one of the top floor coverings. Alloc floor covering (Norway) has a perpetual guarantee. This guarantee is provided by a peculiar aluminum lock system, which can resist 1200 kg/m load. Note, that no other laminate brands can offer such feature. Alloc collections: Al Chateau, Al Home, Al Original, Al Original Trend, AlDomestic, Al Commercial, AlCommercial Stone.

Berry floor laminate (Belgium) design imitates wood materials and parquet. Berry floor has some unique collections of laminate: Exotism, Noble and Heritage, EcoForest, Palace, Majestic.Balterio (Belgium) is widely presented in the laminate materials market. So every need can be satisfied. Balterio collections: Optimum, Vitality Nature, Tradition Quattro etc.Aberhof laminate is produced is some European countries and is characterized by a genuine European quality. Agerhof collections: Aberhof City, Aberhof Сlassic, Aberhof Antique, Aberhof Nature etc.

Tarkett is a worldwide leader (2007 sales of €2.1 billion) in flooring and sports surfaces serving architects, contractors, facility professionals, distributors, retailers to meet individual tastes and functional needs..

Laminate characteristics: Extra strong: - solid lock connection is 2-3 times stronger than any other laminate.

Balterio, Spamolux Company NV branch, that is one of the most fast growing world’s laminate producers. Balterio.

Egger laminate is being produced by Egger Floor Products since 1996 in 14 plant in Germany and Austria..

One of the major strides in home improvement over the last century has to be laminate flooring. Amongst the market.

German laminate Kronotex is one of the first among the world leaders to present the new “Clic2Clic”*.

This brand of laminate from Belgium surprises the customers by genuine quality and choice of collections..

Witex is a German company making furniture since 1978. Witex laminate flooring is famous in over 60 countries for.