Tile Floors

In recent times, tile floor has become peculiarly on trend. As a general rule, tile floors are used in kitchen, bath and toilet rooms, less frequently — in the entry way. The tile floor trend has appeared as a result of ill-considered western standards transference into our conditions. Of course, tile floor is very suitable for the kitchen — it washes easy. But there is always a possibility of tile breaking. And it involves a lot of running around to change it. Moreover, such floor is cold. Using hot water heating the kitchen floor level rises at 3-4 сm at a minimum. It is also better to take into account that tile floor becomes slippery when water falls pours on it.

Recently a new trend has appeared — combined kitchen floor. What is it? They make tile floor around working areas in the kitchen at 80 — 100 сm from furniture, and on the rest space they put another floor coating. Therefore, tile advantages are used to the full extent in places where it is necessary the most. If you decided to put tile floor in the entry way and not to even the floor in the entire apartment, then you need to correlate entry way floor level with one in other rooms. Pay special attention to avoiding empty spaces under tile. You can check it with simple pitpat.

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Tile floors and kitchen back splashes are a great flooring and decorating material. They, however, are vulnerable to one significant drawback: the grout between tiles is very susceptible to dirt. You won't need to wait long before the clean grout.

Tiles can enhance a bathroom or kitchen in a variety of different ways, with flooring and back splashes just a.

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