Install Linoleum Squares for a Classic Appearance

Linoleum squares are a sturdy, long lasting flooring option for commercial and residential buildings. An environmentally friendly product, linoleum is a mix of cork dust, wood shavings, linseed oil, rosin, and limestone. Linoleum is biodegradable and durable. In many cases, homeowners can install linoleum squares over existing flooring.

Unlike traditional sheet linoleum, homeowners and do-it-yourself types can install linoleum squares themselves. The squares are more manageable than six-foot wide sheets, and perfectly matched seams are not necessary with most tile patterns.

As with any flooring project, it is important to start installation of linoleum squares with a clean, dry surface. If the sub-floor has bits of leftover glue or mismatched seams, you may want to lay down a layer of thin plywood to create a smooth work surface. Bring the tile inside while you clean and prep the floor, so it has a chance to acclimatize and reach the same temperature as the work area.

After cleaning the subfloor, prep it with a tile primer. Pour the primer on the sub-floor, and roll it out with a paint roller. Make sure to spread it evenly, and prevent any puddles from forming.

Next, find the center of the room and snap a chalk line dividing it in half. Make sure that the line is square with the walls. In some cases, it may be more aesthetically pleasing to work from the visual center of the room rather than the actual center. Plan your tile placement before you begin and determine the best starting point for your project.

Follow the manufactures instructions when applying adhesive to the linoleum squares , and begin working along the chalk line before moving out into the room. Install the whole tiles first, and then cut partial tiles to fit. Once you lay the tiles, use a heavy roller to make sure the tiles adhere to the floor. Apply sealer per the manufactures directions.

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Allow the tiles to set up at least overnight (twelve hours) before walking on the floor, and clean it with a dust-mop for the first few weeks.

Linoleum squares are a classic flooring product that look great on new homes and classic remodels. Linoleum is a contemporary solution with a classic look that is sure to add value to any home improvement project.

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