What is laminate?

European standards give the following definition of the word “laminate” (Eng. – “an item, made out of laminar material) – it is a floor covering, constructed by several layers joined together. In Russia the term “laminate” experienced some changes: due to the fact that most types of laminate are wood-like, the product was called “laminated parquet flooring”.

In fact, laminate is not imitation of parquet, but a separate type of floor covering. Modern laminated floor will give you a great variety of possibilities to make the interior glamorous and unique. Laminate can be stone-like (marble, granite) and an imitation of metal or whole-covered surfaces. Some new collections of laminate have recently appeared. They feature different colourful objects: flowers, vegetables, fruit.

Although laminate appeared not long ago in the Russian market of construction materials, it gains more and more votes from customers. And it is rather reasonable.

Laminate is one of the most solid floor coverings. It doesn’t afraid of ladies high heels, dogs` nails, traces from a bike or furniture. Even if your kid will begin to roller skate around the house, you will again again appreciate the advantages of this floor covering.

One of the most important advantages of laminate is its ecological compatibility and safety for people and pets. It should be mentioned that it is suitable for people, suffering from allergy, as at the installation of laminate flooring no dust appears.

Having chosen laminate flooring, you will forget about the problem, concerning its maintenance. It doesn’t require to be polished with wax or mastic, be scraped or smoothed. Spots from any substances can be easily washed out with a brush or a wet cloth. Split paint or nail polish can be removed by acetone, causing no harm to a floor.

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At first sight panel construction of laminated floor seems very simple. Actually, laminate is a complicated multi-layer material, and each layer has its peculiar function. Depending on a manufacturer, quantity of layers and materials differs, but the construction still remains multi-layer. Any laminated parquet flooring has minimum four main layers.

Normally, laminate of 31 class is presupposed for low passable rooms, such as bed-rooms or sitting-rooms. Laminate of 32 and 33 classes is installed into high passable rooms: lobbies, halls, fireplace rooms and kitchens. Laminate of 34 class is considered to be the most endurable and is recommended for business premises.

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