Two types of laminate installation

Installation of laminate to be done in accordance with a manufacturer`s instruction, provided together with the material.

There are two types of laminate installation – glued and glueless locking.

Laminate to be stored in a heated premise, where there are no drafts, at not less than 1-meter distance from the nearest wall. Before the installation process packed panels are laid in a row in the middle of a room, where laminate will be installed, for about 2-3 days. Suitable temperature for this period of time to be not less than 18°С and average humidity – to 75 %. Each package is unpacked directly before installation. Laminate can be installed along windows, crosswise or cornerwise, which is the most difficult way of installation.

Floor can look differently by using various ways of installation and lighting. It depends on laminate structure and featured image. Besides, it’s possible to create a certain aesthetic effect: visually to increase or to decrease room space and length, to change dimensions, and to match with other elements of design.

Glueless laminate installation, also known as locking, is considered easier than glued, as it doesn’t demand any professional tools or skills. Boards are just clicked together. Such kind of floor is easily uninstalled, or some panels can be also changed in case they are damaged. We should mention that glueless laminate has a low humidity resistance. Laminate flooring can be humidity resistant for both types of installation: glued and glueless, independent on a connection way. It’s possible to use water-repellent glue for a glued way of installation.

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Laminate flooring is so highly demanded due to its available price, simplicity of installation, durability and easy maintenance.

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