Manner of fastening laminate

Earlier laminate panels were attached to each other according to “tongue-and-groove” principle with the help of special glue.

The result – a solid floor covering. However this type has disadvantages: eventually gaps between panels appear as glue looses its quality. Replacement of one separate panel is near to impossible, as panels are firmly attached to each other, and having removed one, you can damage the whole construction.

Some years ago one of the leaders in laminate floor production, Belgian company Unilin Decor, issued the collection QUICK-STEP UNICLICK, based on a glueless installation of laminate. The collection acquired its name due to the original and unique system UNICLICK, based on a special tongue and groove connection. The system allows attaching panels by a single click without glue. The advantage of UNICLICK system over the other systems is evident. Laminate installation has become more quick and neat.

Indeed, this system has a number of undeniable advantages: • a quick installation: just in one click; • a neat work: no mess with glue and no glue spots; • a possibility to begin the installation from any part of a room; • a possibility to start the installation in any direction: from the left to the right or backwards, the last is very suitable for left-handers; • no visible joints: tongue and groove are perfectly link up with each other; • perfect moisture resistance: laminate covering has no visible joints, moreover, a special layer is added to the material. It is imbued with a water-proof substance improving its moisture resistance; • an opportunity for reuse: panels QUICK-STEP are made of reusable materials, which can be reused for many years; • no idling: you shouldn’t wait until glue dries up, just step on the floor right after the installation; • applicability for the re-installation: if you are moving from your apartment, you can take your floor with you. The covering is so firm, that you can re-install it several times. • possibility to correct your mistakes in process of work.

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UNICLICK system gave a start to new laminate covering production development.

Glueless fastening systems are also called lock or made-up. Due to lock connection, floor installation is much faster and no gaps between panels appear. A click profile helps to attach panels to each other firmly, without any gaps. You don`t need glue and special tools either.

To lock connection belongs the connection, based on aluminum profile, installed into each laminate panel, and a special groove, cut out in the core of a panel.

In the stage of purchase “lock” laminate is more expensive than “glued”. The situation changes in the installation stage. Installation cost of “lock” laminate is two times cheaper than installation of “glued”. You do not need to spend you money on glue either.

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