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Eventually, each person, intended to turn his house into a cozy and comfortable place, where he spends the most part of his free time, comes to the idea of home improvement and repair.

Considering what is set on stake, work out of interior design can become a complicated task. Floor covering plays even more important role than wall color or furniture style in the atmosphere of a house. Decisions about the interior are not easy to take, as you surely want your floor to fit your personal taste and way of life. Today laminate floor covering gains more and more popularity. Laminate is unpretentious, heavy pressure-proof and endurable. There are many rivals in the market of laminate. Most manufacturers and trade companies often hard-sell materials of a low quality to the customers.

Therefore, while choosing laminate, be sure that it is:

1. Humidity resistant

As a rule, humidity resistant laminate panels HDF (High Density Fiberboard) are of a green color (similarly to green humidity resistant gypsum board, used for finishing of premises with a high humidity level. Its cardboard covering contains substances, eliminating fungi, and the core has additives, decreasing water absorption). To humidity resistant laminate refer the following trademarks: Kronoflooring (Germany), Egger (Germany).

2. Water-proof

There are two trademarks of water-proof laminate in the market: Witex (Germany) and Alloc (Norway). Our own experience proves that this floor covering can withstand a flood. Manufacturers achieve this effect by means of a very high pressure, used at the production of laminate, by 100% hermetization of locks with hot wax, by adding wood dust into a panel and some other secrets.

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3. Guarantee

Normally, a guarantee is presupposed for the upper level of a panel – its durability and abrasiveness. It relates directly to the class of laminate and a place of installation.

For instance:

3-member family (two of them are working), 2-room apartment.

If house owners want to use laminate not less than 15 years, we can advice to install laminate of 32 class (its durability is 15-20 years) into a hall and a kitchen, and laminate of 31 class (10-15 years of guarantee) into the other rooms. Therefore, at these terms an average durability of laminate in a flat is 15-20 years.

If you are a person, who takes fundamental decisions and wants to install laminate once and for all, you will have to pay 2- 2.5 times more and to buy laminate with a life-long guarantee (50-60 year durability). Now there is the only trademark of such like laminate – Alloc (Norway).

You want to install laminate for about 5 years and then to change everything? Or maybe you make repair in a rent flat and don’t want to invest large sums of money into it, but still want the house to look proper? In this case, you’d better choose economy class laminate with 12 year durability: Classen (Germany), Kronostar (Russia) etc.

4. Ecologically compatible

As the technology of laminate production is not possible without phenol formaldehyde resins, consult the advisors about chemical compound of laminate and ask for hygienic certificates. Content of formaldehyde is not to exceed 0.01mg/m3, phenol – 0.003mg/m3.

5. Suitable for decoration

When choosing a color of future floor, do not forget to think out general style of a room. Any decoration is interesting in its kind, but it will become a real rimmed diamond, providing that you take the interior question seriously without buying something (even if it is really beautiful and expensive) in a rush. Remember that exotic decoration, such as, zebrano, tigertree, woodstock etc., will demand maximum of creativity and time to decorate your living space.

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