Laminate classes 34 and 35

Laminate classes 34 and 35 are made for high passable premises (public halls, salesrooms, dance floors etc.)


Laminate is one of the most widespread floor coverings today. Its application filed is determined according to a new specialized classification. In other words, home use – 21 class (low load), 22 class (average load), 23 class (high load). Classes for business premises (sales and public areas) are 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 (depending on a load rate).

The most careful attention should be paid to 34 and 35 classes. They are used for high passable premises (public halls, salesrooms, dance floors etc.). These classes are considered to be the most reliable and durable and can serve for more than 20 years in a living space, though they are meant for business premises with high loads.

Remember that each surface is to correspond to generally accepted technical demands, and regulations-in use, considered at installation. Dryness, flatness, solidity, bearing ability and surface cleanliness are the demands, being observed at the stage of preparation before floor installation.

Therefore, we can affirm that laminate is one of the most popular and secure floor coverings. ThatтАЩs why this material is so highly desired by customers. Nowadays modern market of constriction materials presents a great choice of laminate with various colors and patterns, manufactured in different countries.

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