Laminate class 32

Laminate class 32 is used for average passable premises (small offices, sitting rooms, private halls).

Modern laminate is manufactured for different kinds of premises. When choosing laminate, decide about the place, where it will be installed. So, hall and kitchen floor is highly exposed to influence of abrasion and moisture. Therefore laminate of 23 class is more suitable there. Sitting room and playroom is usually furnished with floor of 22 class. But if you need high solidity floor, choose any class from 31 to 33.

Laminate of 32 class is manufactured for floors in business premises with an average load. Durability period for this type is 3-5 years, and being used in a living space, the period is prolonged to 12-15 years. 32 class is considered to be the best choice for home and office.

Unlike parquet, laminate is easily installed and easily replaced. ThatтАЩs why, decide first if it is really reasonable to have it installed for decades. As it is possible to replace it much earlier, together with interior change.

Laminate is furnished with a guarantee with a period of 5 to 15 years. Real guarantee period (including the qualities, it is valid for, limits, etc.) can be asked from a salesman.

Nowadays native laminate is manufactured in accordance with technical specifications. Foreign laminate is certified for conformance with GOST 4598 -86 тАШтАЩFiber boards. SpecificationsтАЩтАЩ in a part on determination of bending resistance, vertical longitudinal strength; and with SS-EN 13329 in a part on determination of dimensional deviations. Laminate is also to have a hygienic certificate.

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