Laminate class 31

Laminate of 31 class is meant for low passable rooms (bed rooms, playrooms etc.) Its not an easy task to choose proper laminate.

Be serious when deciding it. First, pay attention for utilization class of this very covering. There are special correspondence norms EN 685. Each floor covering is being tested for abrasive durability, cigarette resistance, impact and light resistance, formaldehyde presence etc. Having passed these tests, floor covering acquires a certain class. Then according to the lowest index, the whole laminate covering is marked with a class number. Note that even if floor covering is marked with a class after all these tests, some of its indexes can be even higher then those of this very class.

One of the most widespread classes is 31 used for business premises. This class is meant for low passable rooms with low loads ( you can install it in sleeping rooms, playrooms etc.). Durability period for this floor covering is 2-3 years, and, used for a living space, it can be safe and sound for 10-12 years.

For a presice selection of the above mentioned floor covering think of a premise type for its installation. Be aware of laminate qualities and characteristics.

Note that technical specification for floor coverings contains durability classes of the upper layer abrasion. These demands are mentioned in the European standards-in use.

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