Laminate and Parquet

What qualitative properties, operational characteristics and drawbacks make the above mentioned floor coverings different? What kind of covering to choose?

To find out the answer let’s compare some points considering installation process and further operation of laminate and parquet.

Laminated floors appeared in the construction market not long ago and in the mass sales just in the nineties. At the moment laminate is known to be one of the best floor coverings, having some considerable advantages over the other types of floor coverings. Laminate is produced out of environmentally friendly material, is load and impact resistant. It is easy to use and to install it. Laminate is almost maintenance free – its enough just to treat floor covering with a wet cloth made out of microfibers. Today laminated floors can be seen everywhere, either in dwellings or in public places. Laminate popularity and wide use is obvious due to its abrasion resistance, impact resistance and high temperatures durability.

Laminate is rather lightproof and is produced with a variety of surfaces imitating natural materials: parquet, stone, treenail etc. Due to its unique characteristics laminate is highly demanded in the construction market. Pragmatic customers choosing laminate are more than sure that their floor will not cause any problem in the nearest decade. And they are probably right. However, when using laminate follow some useful recommendations that will prolong its operational period. It’s recommended to avoid cleaning agents containing abrasive and alkali elements and also metal brushes while cleaning laminate floors. Speaking about market cost of laminate, it should be mentioned that it is cheaper than natural material coverings and affordable for a wide range of customers.

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Much of the above mentioned concerns wood blocking as well. But some points are worth considering more thoroughly. With the appearance of laminate and wood blocks in the construction market a demand for traditional floor coverings (parquet, linoleum etc.)is considerably lowered. Wood blocks are widely produced and installed abroad, but it appeared in the Russian market long after. To advantages of wood block flooring we can refer a relatively low price and considerable solidity of an operational surface produced out of hard wood, which guarantees a long operational period. Installation of parquet can be easily executed even by a non-professional. Its installation can be done by several methods, but the main are: gluing of a block to a floor and backed installation. The material is environmentally friendly and is widely used either for dwellings or for public areas. Nowadays wood block flooring as well as laminate gained great popularity and is widely employed for floor installation. As a rule, one of its advantages is that a wood block can be combed and polished if any defect appears. As to laminate, this material cannot be repaired and in case of any damage, you will have to reinstall a floor in the whole flat. BUT! Many rational customers having thoroughly studied the market of floor coverings, already know that wood block combing can be very expensive and needs much recourses: first, to remove the furniture from the flat, second, to employ floor dressers, and third, to polish blocks and let it dry. This usually takes 2 or 3 weeks. Temporary move to another flat and corresponding problems make most people think about its reasonability.

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Having calculated a number of problems concerning parquet combing, many people make a conclusion that it would be much cheaper to install new laminate floor. Having concluded all above mentioned points it’s rather difficult to choose what floor covering is more profitable.

Anyway it is you who will make a decision. And the final choice will surely depend on your taste and recourses only.

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