Easy steps to installing bamboo laminate flooring

In last time more and more peoples have chosen to install bamboo laminate flooring at homes. As well as it complementing the decor of any room they find that it is very durable but cheaper than normal hardwood flooring.


The other benefit of laminate flooring along with the cost is that it is easy to install. In most cases you will find that planks of this type of flooring simply click together using a tongue and groove. In result you can carry out this installation by yourself and the work can be completed in few hours depending on the size of your room.

Although installing laminate bamboo flooring is simple there are certain things that you must follow when you choose to do this project yourself. Below we take you through some of the things that need to be done prior to you even considering laying the flooring that you have purchased.

Step 1 of installing bamboo laminate flooring.

Remove laminate from its packaging and leave it for no less than 72 hours in the room where it is to be laid. It needs time to actually acclimatize to the heat and humidity of the room in which it is to be installed.

Step 2 of installing bamboo laminate flooring.

It is important that the sub floor on to which the flooring is to be laid is prepared properly before installation begins. Make sure that the surface is clean of any kind of debris or dust and is perfectly flat. If you don’t have the time to create a flat surface on which the flooring can be installed then it is worth to lay a sub floor covering first. Most stores where you purchase bamboo laminate flooring from also have this item in stock as well.

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The other reason for laying an underlay before you install this type of flooring will ensure that moisture in the ground below cannot seep through.

Step 3 of installing bamboo laminate flooring.

Leave a space around the room between the bamboo laminate flooring and the walls. If there is no sufficient space for the flooring to expand then as a result over time the planks could warp.

By materials Bob D. Long

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