Durability of laminate

Usually a manufacture plant furnishes a triple guarantee for its production (laminate):


    1. Durable layer will not fray earlier, than it is determined by exploitation class;

Laminate decoration

    will not change under the influence of sunlight;


    will not even be spoiled under chemical or thermal influence (within due limits, of course)

When a guarantee period is over, the following things can happen to your laminate floor: durable layer in connection edges frays, locks become too feeble and inter – panel flaws appear. Of course, you can live with such floor for another 10 years, but you`d better not. Remember that laminate is a non-reusable, cheap and easily installed and re-installed material. While counting would be-expenses for your coming repair, you will notice that one square meter of laminate will not be more expensive than one square meter of decent wallpaper. Laminate can be changed in a day even in a 100- meter flat. Provided, that its base is proper installed (deviation is 1 mm for 2 linear meters).

If laminate base is proper and smooth, floor will live much longer, even longer than a set guarantee period predicts. Laminate is a relatively cheap material and it can be replaced together with wall papers. Note that the base for any floor covering is accomplished once and for all. Our advice: do not try to save money when you are preparing and leveling your floor if you want to get an ideal and durable covering.

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