Different types of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one type of flooring that is being more popular because can elegance to any room and his surface hard and easy to clean. A laminate floor can be different styles and it`s extremely durable and doesn’t require replacing for up to 20 years.

Embossed laminate floors is one of the different varieties. They are made of heat sensitive polymer materials that are raised in different patterns and can be cut into square blocks or be long rectangular strips. Embossed laminate tiles manufactures in a different styles and offers dimensions of style to the home.

Smooth laminate floors are made to resemble other tile floor products like ceramic and marble. However, they are made of a much more durable material that is easier to clean than tiles because there are no grooves between individual tiles of ceramic and marble .

One more laminate type – hardwood laminate that closely resemble hardwood floors. What makes laminates better than installing hardwoods is the fact they are a cheaper material to work with, they closely resemble wood, and they are much easier to install. This type of laminate same kind of elegance as hardwoods but are much cheaper.

Distressed laminate is a type of new floor that has a used look about it, which is used to make new areas of the home like an addition appear older than they actually are.

Patina laminates are basically the same as embossed, but they have paint pushed into the crevices to give the flooring an artistic feel to it.

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