Laminate Floors

Nowadays laminate (laminated floor) acquires a progressively leading meaning in choice of floor covering for a house. Having a relatively low difference in a cost with linoleum, laminate has some meaningful advantages over it: stylish floor art, simplicity of installation, ecological compatibility and easy floor care. Moreover, laminate of a high quality is resistant to scratches from heels and furniture, can withstand pressure and loads, is fire and moisture-proof. Depending on abrasion degree and additional characteristics provided by a manufacturer, the material can be used for various types of premises – from a playroom and a sleeping room to a swimming pool and an airport. Laminate is characterized by a non-limited quantity of looks – it can be wood-like, tile- and stone-like, marble- like, colorful etc. Laminate is easily installed due to interlock joint and small dimension. Proper laminate endures up to 25 years.

Modern heating systems are on a rise. More and more homeowners leave classic radiator systems behind, switching to innovative, economic and interior-friendly systems. One example of such kind of innovative systems is underfloor heating. It is a very.

Usually a manufacture plant furnishes a triple guarantee for its production (laminate):.

Thickness is of a great importance when choosing laminate. The reasons for it are:.

Eventually, each person, intended to turn his house into a cozy and comfortable place, where he spends the most.

In other words, utilization classes mean, how long laminate will keep its exterior influenced by different.

Laminate class 32 is used for average passable premises (small offices, sitting rooms, private halls)..

Laminate of 31 class is meant for low passable rooms (bed rooms, playrooms etc.) Its not an easy task to choose.

Laminate class 33 is used for high passable premises (offices, lobbies, exhibition halls)..