Which Type of Carpet Stair Runner Do You Need?

“Mom, I’m home! Where are you?” yells Johnny as he rushes up the stairs. “I’m up here. Did you take your shoes off before you came up the stairs?” as you see him bounding up the stairs with mud on his shoes. Oh no, not again you groan. If only you chose stair runners instead of fully carpeting the stairs. Now this mud will not only leave a stain, but will be next to impossible to get out.

What about the stairs that have no runner and the dog is running up or down the stairs scratching the finish off of the freshly redone wood flooring?

There is a couple of ways to alleviate these problems. One way would be to install an elevator, but that is too expensive for all but the most expensive homes. Another way would be to get carpet stair runners which would catch all the dust, dirt and mud. This is the least expensive way to keep your stairs clean.

There are a variety of types of carpet stair runners. There are the small oval shaped rugs that you can put on each stair and are normally one solid color. This would work especially if your décor has a lot of pattern. If one of the carpets were dirty, just lift it off the stair and clean it and put it right back and also, if it got worn out, it could simply be replaced.

There are also long carpet stair runners that you can put on the stairs and put a brass or wooden rods to hold it in place on the bottom of each stair. These come in a variety of colors and patterns and can compliment the style of house that the carpet stair runners are going into.

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And finally there is the carpet stair runners that match the carpet in the house, but are cut to look like runners, so there would be wood exposed on the sides of the carpet.

Carpet stair runners give either an elegant look to your house or can give a warm homey feeling to your house. It depends on which style you are decorating for.

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