PVC Windows Maintenance

PVC window systems are highly complex structures, the main elements of which are made of materials with different physical properties. Mechanisms, which are equipped with window systems made of PVC, going with minimal technological gap between the interacting parts to ensure flawless operation. All this together gives an idea of why plastic window systems throughout the life of the warrant careful and proper care, as well as periodic preventive maintenance. Violation of the rules of care for plastic windows naturally leads to deformation and partial destruction of the PVC parts malfunction mechanisms and tightness of glass.

The most important conditions for long-term defect-free operation of window systems is to maintain normal humidity does not exceed 45-50% and the presence of a working exhaust and ventilation. Their effectiveness is checked by means of a piece of paper placed in the proximity alternately to all the vents, more accurate data can be obtained by using an anemometer.

Perfect tightness of windows leads to the formation of excess moisture in the air, so it is advisable to arrange sessions airing the apartment at least 2-3 times a day.

The width of the window sills should not be too large, so as, not to interfere with the free circulation of heated air rising from the radiators.

Reminder: the formation of condensation between the panes package constitutes a violation of his integrity and unfit for use.

Condensation on the glass on the room side of said high humidity and low temperature of its surface. This is the result of insufficient natural air supply and signal to airing, and later to install a forced ventilation. Nice and eliminate sources of excess moisture, which may be flowerpots. Kitchen ventilation equipment all defects are enhanced due to the excess heat from the use of electric or gas stove.

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In addition to maintaining the natural dryness of the atmosphere should not be forgotten that the installation of technically complex plastic glazing systems should be trusted only qualified personnel. Another important factor is the need to install in the window opening premises triple-pane windows.

When all these conditions, as well as ensuring the cleanliness of glasses and timely lubrication of valves and rubber cord seal windows stop “cry” in the winter.

Self-care for plastic windows

Organization of the proper care of PVC windows is impossible without special tools. In stores selling household chemicals in a wide range have matching sets, although it is possible to choose the components separately.

The minimum range of care should consist of the following components:

  • means for washing glass surfaces
  • specially formulated for plastic
  • cleaner rubber and silicone grease
  • normal engine oil for the lubrication fittings

PVC profile resistant to composition containing acids, so must be cleaned with soapy water with a soft cloth of linen cloth and wipe dry. There is also a spray profile, the use of which retains its whiteness and gloss. Inadmissibility of the use of funds from the abrasive and alkaline components, as well as acetone.

Another important prerequisite for the proper care of PVC profile is the removal of contaminants from the drainage holes and drainage channels. Made it a brush or a vacuum cleaner with an open casement window.

Cleansing of glass is practically no different from usual washing glasses. Do not use cleaners with abrasives to use knives and other sharp objects. Particular caution should be observed when serving glasses with decorative coatings.

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Maintenance windows accessories

All components of window systems play a role in their proper operation, but hardware requires special treatment in terms of care. Metal moving parts are cleaned from dust and dirt with a brush or with a vacuum cleaner, then lubricated with engine oil. This operation is repeated at intervals of 1-2 times a year, in spring and autumn. If the window is opened or closed with force, it is necessary to unscrew the locking knob bolts and lubricate its internal mechanism.

Care of rubber cord seal

Harmful factors affecting the condition of the rubber seal windows, a sharp drop in temperature and solar radiation. In order to reduce cracking and loss of rubber elasticity seal twice a year is necessary to lubricate the special means of silicone-based or glycerine. Cleaning from dirt and dust is produced simultaneously with the washing of glass and plastic profile.

To work perfectly all, the mechanisms of the glazing system are necessary once a year to conduct a complete prevention of fittings with adjustable clearance and debugging work locking mechanisms. To do this, the best option is to conclude an Agreement for the maintenance of the company that installs PVC system.

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