Preparing Floors For Vinyl Tile

You should delete everything reduce from all floor. If you intend again to use it after editing of Your new flooring, pull at any nails through exact from a back side. This step is diminished by a dissidence, thus you can use exact again.

Your new vinyl setting of tile only is so good as a basic floor. Clean half fully. A surface on which you set a tile must be smooth and free of ruins, fat or beeswax. Unequal floors, shots or falling, can cause spots which will rotin during long time.

Concrete — the Vinyl tile can be set on a concrete, if a concrete is clean, smooth and dry. you will recover any openings or cracks. you can sometimes lower prominent events, using the abrasive of rough sand on a belt or disk Sander. Any insignificant shots can be remote with a hand point-tool which drives the hammer of sledges of child. you will make sure, that carried unbreakable glasses.

Vinyl flooring — the Vinyl tile can be fixed on old vinyl, to nonplusing, which is in good condition. If an old floor has a rough structure some dents and ringing, smooth on to look over the overcoat of coinage of equalizer with to the lines by the scoop of edge. It will create a smooth surface and will prevent a new tile from in final analysis acceptance of structure of old floor.

Damaged or loose vinyl flooring should be removed.

Caution: You always should wear a respirator, deleting the old flooring. Know that some senior materials of flooring can contain an earth-flax. Recommended, that senior materials were checked up you overtook before a delete, and that materials, containing an earth-flax to be remote a professional.

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Floors requiring underlayment — If a delete of old floor is too difficult or impractical and half, too damaged, to use equalizer of coinage, to cover it the new layer of plywood of underlayment. If differently not directionally a code, 1/4″ to n.e plywood does good underlayment.

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