Houses Exteriors

It is an open secret that drastic appearance makeover can be achieved with the help of face paint and make-up.House exterior is its face, and well-formed make-up rules also extend to architectural constructions.However, the same structure can transform beyond recognition too — you just need to change its foreside cladding. And each detail here holds much significance: color picking influences on the psychological perception and gives disposition to the construction, aptly picked texture gives structural properties to the exterior, abridging walls from plain monotonousness, and well-considered combination of these two components creates ordinary style of the construction, giving an individuality to it.But before immersing yourself into intricacies of design, it is better to avert the pragmatic angle of the issue: work materials, its properties and application features. Well then, the house exterior can be coated with: facade facing plaster,siding,tile or stone, faced with bricklaying.Each of these variants has its properties and involves surface preliminary preparation. Let’s put aside technologic intricacies and emphasize principal points: wall quality, surfacing material type, and then we can come back to the design.