Outdoor Kitchen Idea “Malibu”

The Pacific Ocean provides a stunning backdrop for this Malibu outdoor kitchen.

The Hybrid Fire Grill is the focal point of the kitchen, and allows the homeowner to cook effortlessly with gas, wood or charcoal, in any combination. A built-in double cooktop adds to the kitchen’s cooking capabilities. The stainless steel cabinetry and drawers provide ample storage space for everything from cooks tools and dishware, to non-perishable food items. Kalamazoo’s durable stainless-steel products are perfect for the harsh salt water environment. All cabinetry features a weather-tight design which allows the homeowner to easily hose off residual salt from the exterior, without water seeping inside the cabinets. 

Outdoor Kitchen Plan Malibu

Outdoor Kitchen Plan Malibu

Outdoor Kitchen Plan Malibu

Source: www.houzz.com

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