Nightingale Silver for Teles

Mannington Commercial, a superior maker of flooring for commercial interiors, produced a unique material Teles, that has been obtained a Nightingale Award.


The awards showed the most perspective directions in flooring design which are capable of improving healthcare quality.

It is known that in medical institutions the rubber tile with a smooth glossy surface is very demanded, however, such material is subject to formation of dents from mechanical influence. Mannington Commercial developed the innovative floor covering executed on the basis of the special rubber possessing high resistance to deformations and fading, and also the anti-sliding effect. This material passed the threefold test for PSI resistance which showed inexpressible comfort and magnificent sound insulation for the medical personnel and patients.

Teles is presented in the form of a flexible model range which includes various formats: square tiles of 35 and 17,5 inches in size and also rectangular tiles of 35х17,5 inches and 5,8х35 inches. Such choice of production allows to use it either as an independent finishing material or in a combination with other floorings. The product’s color scale inspired by natural paints allows to change the idea of a traditional rubber coverings. Besides, it occurs to be changed by means of matching the colors so as to give to a floor more effective look.

Having threefold waxing and an additive of a super steady component, Teles is capable of sustaining severe transportation conditions. The material developed in the USA and made of natural rubber without PVC additives got approval and recognition of a number of the leading international certifying bodies.

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