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Any renovation is hardly imaginable without tile. Tile is an extremely durable and lasting solution for hardly used areas in the house as kitchens, bathrooms, parlors. Moreover tile protects walls and floors and is extremely resistible to heat and excessive humidity. Modern tiling industry offers high quality products of various styles, forms and designs. The techniques of tile production get improved and advanced. How to choose the right tile for your house? What tiles are better and what are the benefits of various tiles available on the market? Do you want to learn about the latest trends of tile industry and tile design? Are you interested in the latest ideas and trends in home designs using tile? Then our tile news section will be of great help for you as it presents the hottest news and the latest trends of tile industry. Read about new technologies, advanced materials being recently introduced to the market. Find out which trends are prevailing now! We will keep you updated! Our experts post the hottest materials online for you to be informed about the latest trends in design and tile production! If you are just going to start house renovation then find out more about tiles and tile design in our tile news section!

One of the leaders in development of innovative floor, Solus Ceramics, has come up with a new line-up of porcelain. The new material is inspired by shagreen - one of the most sophisticated and refined materials in the nature..

More than 150 million square meters of tiles and ceramics in excess of demand are currently piled up in warehouses.

Dalton–Shaw Industries Group or simply worldwide known Shaw Company was introduced to America’s Best Large.

Recently, Cosentino Company has announced new Tile and Dekton Floor program that instantly became very popular and.

Arley Wholesale Company is well-known and famous supplier of various types of tiles and other flooring materials..

The well-known tile manufacturing brand Florida Tile has expanded its portfolio and presented a range of glazed.