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Laminate has become one of the most popular types of materials for flooring due to hard durability, variety of colors and textures, simplicity of application. Laminate flooring can simulate a wide range of natural materials thus giving a great chance for design experiments. The prime goal of every laminate manufacturing company is to make the end product cheaper and at the same time more durable. Another great point in laminate production is to enhance its sound and heat insulating features. The techniques of manufacturing of laminates get even more advanced. Many globally renowned companies engaged in designing and manufacturing of laminates introduce new types of materials, new techniques and of course new designs. To keep you well informed and to give you the most comprehensive information to choose the best laminates and to learn about the latest trends in floor design we present the laminate news section. Here you will find the hottest news about companies producing the best laminates, the hottest trends in design and the latest information on the techniques of production. Be updated! Read the latest news on laminate and designs learn how to turn your apartment into your dream house with our site!

Mohawk Company has contributed a lot to the prosperity and support of U.S. veterans. It is the most popular floor.

Tarkett is a producer that is known throughout the world. A lot of people wait for new styles to appear in its.

The all new aged concept from Tarkett is an exclusive addition to the high-end range of Epoque 1-strip planks..

Alloc Grand Avenue range derives its extreme durability from its 0,6 mm-thick high pressure surface..

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