New Collections From New Palette by Mapei

More than 40 colors palettes were created by Mapei. These rich color collections are original, individual and infused with a distinct personality.

The company announced that these collections were created to beautify tile and stone installation systems emphasizing personal taste and making the best choice to complete the look and design of flooring installations. New color shades are saturated, rich and creative. Their selection was carried out by many criteria. Mapei used a 3D modeling technique to visualize the full palette and show the best of their collections. Mapei professionals studied the most popular porcelain wood-plank designs and formulated complementary color matches.

One of the business managers of the Mapei Company marked that this new palette of 40 shades represents a very interesting offer for the customers who seeks for beautiful color themes and look forward to maintaining timeless traditional designs. The process of the color palette selection has finished, and Mapei’s design team is ready to introduce these shades to the customers and into the market.

Every collection was given a name. In total, there are five collections under the names Serene, Traditional, Natural, Romance, and Glamour. Each color collection includes eight shades which are arranged from the light ones to the dark. They are also arranged by chroma or color saturation. What is the main objective of this creation? The primary one is to make easier the choice for the customer basing on his personality and taste. Mapei collections will be popular, and it goes without saying that many customers will be interested in them and will appreciate Mapei unique creations.

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