New achievements of Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries has been recently announced in the prestigious list of Dalton-Training magazine known as “Top 125”. This magazine is of business type and annually it represents all the professionals and leaders of high-ranked businesses in the USA. Mohawk Industries occupies 33rd place among floor covering industries and manufactories.

It is not the first appearance of Mohawk in such a list. Ten years consecutively, year after year, the company earned popularity, respect and recognition not only of customers, but also of experts in the field. Its excellence, development, innovative strategies, unique programs made it possible to occupy the first place among flooring companies and even become the leader of elite top five.

Becky Redd, the company’s representative, sees the cause of popularity, success and recognition in company’s continuous growth, progress, leadership in customer care, service, quality of products and many other secrets hidden by Mohawk. Also, Becky Redd marked that without investments in technology this success couldn’t be a real one. Professional equipment, various systems and platforms play a great role in the process of achievement new levels. The value of labor force and people is a great one, too. It is the foundation and the basis for work.

Hundreds of people not only work every day, but also train and teach each other, learn from each other and help each other. Training magazine reflected the contribution to the world market of Mohawk Industries. The history and traditions of this company cannot remain unnoticed. And highly-competitive companies cannot be considered as serious competitors, but director of the company always looks for ways of future development and masters his own skills of leadership. 

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