Mohawk Group Unveils New Modular Carpet Designs

Flooring manufacturer Mohawk Group has unveiled Topography, a new collection of modular carpets designated for commercial use. The new collection was unveiled during NeoCon 2017, ab American design exposition and conference for commercial interior vendors.

The firm currently manufactures a wide range of floorings and other materials. Mohawk owns 31 plants in Georgia, each producing various flooring materials: commercial carpet, commercial carpet tile, carpet fiber and yarns, cushions and various rugs. Plus, Mohawk has a range of resilient flooring materials. The company also produces residential flooring.
Mohawk has spent around $850 million around the world this year, with more than half of this amount having been spent in North America. According to Brian Carson, President of Flooring – North America at Mohawk, Mohawk will invest a similar amount of money next year. One of Mohawk’s core strategies is manufacturing the produce in local markets for local buyers. It served Mohawk well, and the company expects to utilize it in the future. The company, however, is not out of ideas and will continue improving its products and create more value.

What’s more interesting is that Carson noted how the skills required to work in the plants. They now include computer expertise, enginerring and other STEM-related skills. All the operators had become line technicians, and they now must think about the general process integration. Plus, they should all be aware of how all things should work together. This challenge makes the work even more interesting.

Last year, Mohawk invested in new design center for the commercial and hospitality teams working for the company. Called “The Light Lab”, the 33,000 square foot facility is located in Dalton. It offers a full surround 360 degree views of the surroundings, incorporating reclaimed and responsibly sourced material. The building started in 1960s – back then, it was intended to be an HQ building for World Carpet. Savannah College of Art and Design students contributed to the interior design, and now all members of Mohawk hospitality and commercial design teams will be able to enjoy the beauty of Light Lab.

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