LEED Gold Goes to the Mohawk Flooring Center

The Mohawk Flooring Center won and got the prestigious award, namely LEED Gold certification. It annual production level is high enough, more than a half billion pounds of yarn.

The company’s representative claimed that this certification is a very significant step and event in the life of the Mohawk Flooring Center. It once more had proved that company constantly searches for new opportunities and chances to show new products, to develop and improve technologies, to make progress and look ahead. This certification can be named a great push to the company that may change flooring industry life and generally the sector of production.

The pride and the main value of the Mohawk Flooring Center is professional employees and experienced workers. LEED certification is issued when a company shows high performance in the field, it successfully combines practical strategies and solution to conquer the market, at the same time proposing new innovations and creating qualitative items.

Mohawk is famous for recycling matter. Every year more than 5 billion pounds are renewed or recycled and that is an outrageous number. The team of the company for a long time worked under a top place in order to represent it to the customers and prove its advantages.

LEED certification was developed as the most well-known program designed for places and buildings improving the environmental conditions and the state of human health. Numerous projects are participating in this project, nowadays they are more than 50 thousands. Routman is the leader of the company’s management department who consider LEED certification to become the starting point for the company’s development. Let’s congratulate the Mohawk Flooring Center with this wonderful and decisive event!

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