Landscape Design Software: What to Look For

Using landscaping software allows you to pick whatever decks, fencing, pools or gazebos will fit your vision of a home. Exceptional landscape design software offers 3D walkthroughs, plant libraries and quick online help.

Features & Tools

A larger landscape design toolbox isn’t necessarily better; look for design software that has features you need to create the type of landscape plan you want. For example, some landscape design software has templates for decks, gardens and patios, and some programs focus more on the objects you can put onto a landscape, such as plants. Having a plant encyclopedia with a vast object library can inspire you if your vision is broad.

Design Quality

Programs that have 3D flyaround, walkthrough and object editing can give you an excellent idea of what the finished product will look like. Most software can import photos, but some more advanced programs can convert your 2D photos to 3D.

Ease of Use

Landscape design software controls should be easy to find, use and understand. Powerful, intuitive controls often make all the difference between successful landscape design software and a product you’ll abandon on the shelf out of frustration. We like the products that offer keyboard shortcuts, easy undo and re-do buttons, and more.

Help & Support

You’ll want landscape design software that comes with good help online: a help index, tutorials, FAQs and support forums as well as help menus within the software. These tools will help you navigate the software and put your ideas into a concrete plan.

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Finding the right landscaping software should be fun, and seeing the property of your dreams will be even better. Look at all the landscaping features and design of the program to find the one that will give you the right tools for your next project. Before you grab your trowel or spend thousands at your local nursery, design your landscape virtually, without breaking a sweat.

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