Kronotex Laminate

German laminate Kronotex is one of the first among the world leaders to present the new “Clic2Clic”* generation in connection technology.

This brand of laminate can be used both for commercial and private aims. Kronotex is a very popular brand all over the world. Many customers value its quality and design.

And there are good reasons for it: Kronotex floors are easy care and hard-wearing. No chance for dirt and bacteria. Kronotex floors are flame resistant. Kronotex floors are largely resistant to cigarette embers. Kronotex floors are non fading and retain their brilliance over years. Kronotex floors are rugged, load and impact resistant. Kronotex floors are abrasion resistant. Kronotex floors are produced from natural sustainable raw materials and contain no harmful chemical substances. Kronotex floors are comfortable underfoot and of course also available with footfall sound insulation. Kronotex floors are well suited for installation over subfloor heating. Kronotex comprises numerous collections of floor coverings. BASIC

Basic is the laminate floor for beginners which is durable, long-lasting, and wear-resistant universal, with almost unlimited range of applications. It is ideal for living spaces with a normal amount of use and with limited installation clearance. Thanks to the Kronotex “Clic2Clic” connection system, Basic is easily, quickly and cleanly installed, without the use of adhesives. Very economically priced, Basic is an especially attractive option for first-time users of laminate. A floor on which one can pleasurably walk through life.


Just a little thicker than Basic but also very economical. Ideal for low passable and high passable rooms with high loads. With its ”Clic2Clic“ installation system, Smart is easily and quickly installed –like all Kronotex laminates.

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This is the laminate floor for universal application and variable use. Of 8mm thickness, with an optimized profile. It can sustain even extremely intensive use in living spaces. In commercial areas it can endure many years


Strong, resilient and universal laminate. And at the same time exclusive and elegant. With authentic wood appearance. Fascinating both to the eye and touch. With SOUND DESIGN noise insulation. Complete with new, fascinating designs, structures and traditional V-groove.


Robusto combines a high density fiberboard of 12mm thickness with an especially wear-resistant surface. The “Clic2Clic“ tongue-and-groove connection system was developed especially to hold up under the highest encumbrance. Its material and manufacturing concept make an ideal floor for extreme conditions – particularly in industrial use.


It’s the flooring with extra large panels for coverage of spacious rooms and for especially quick installation. Its surface treatment is also eye-catching: traditional stone patterns as well as design ideas like stone and Mediterranean tile. Mega is the flooring for uncommon taste and cost-conscious needs.


Amazone, the extraordinarily narrow, long floorboard flooring line.


A floor with previously unattained panel size, strength and quality. This flooring is therefore ideally suited to applications and interiors with the highest aesthetic, quality and handling requirements, whether private, commercial or official.The Mammut decors are particularly fascinating: elegant floor boards with country cottage character and the authentic look, structure and colouring of natural wood.

* Clic2Clic is a patented glue-free locking system of a new generation designed for quick and easy laminate floor installations. With Clic2Clic, floor panels are tilted or angled lengthwise for axial locking, and lowered down to snap in for cross locking.

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