KRONOTEX Greenline: The New, Extra-Thin Acoustic Insulation

Excellent attenuation of transmitted impact and reflected walking sound – at a thickness of only 1.8 mm? If you’re looking for extremely thin yet effective insulation for use under laminate flooring, the new KRONOTEX greenline fits the bill perfectly.

Transmitted impact sound annoys the neighbours downstairs, while reflected walking noise gets on your own nerves. Many acoustically insulating underlays are only good for controlling one but not the other, as they’re based on different insulation strategies. KRONOTEX greenline successfully combines the strengths of both kinds, achieving superb results against both transmitted impact and reflected walking sound.

Highly Effective Insulation

Boasting a precisely balanced combination of the right volume (just1.8 mm thick) and density (384 kg/m3), KRONOTEX greenline optimally insulates on all levels, slashing transmitted impact sound by an incredible 22.5 decibels and reflected walking sound by more than 42 percent. Its compressive strength (99 tonnes/m2) makes it able to withstand even the most brutal stresses. And its thermal conductivity (0.0343 m2K/W) excellently supports underfloor heating.

A Fully Organic, Natural Product

Wood and vegetable starch are the raw materials used to make KRONOTEX greenline. Produced using an eco-friendly process, the boards are extremely durable and completely compostable at the end of their long lives. This 100% natural product contains absolutely no contaminants and releases no emissions whatsoever, making it ideally suited for bedrooms and nurseries. Their guaranteed antistatic properties also qualify it for rooms in which computer systems are used.

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Practical and Easy to Install

The exceptional structure of KRONOTEX greenline, the surface of which is covered by a large number of very fine, erect hairs, makes it snuggle firmly against the flooring on top. And if the subfloor is otherwise clean and regular, the boards can also be used to compensate for minor irregularities and thus provide a homogeneous substrate for the laminate. KRONOTEX greenline has of course been approved by the building authorities: its Ü certificate guarantees that our quality product meets all of the basic requirements.

You’ll find more information, including technical data and the delivery programme, on the KRONOTEX greenline product page.

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