Kitchen Paint Ideas

Do you want a new kitchen but your budget is extremely limited? Then we have the greatest kitchen paint ideas for you. You do not need to completely renovate your kitchen, install new tiling, to change the furniture and kitchen appliances. The simplest way to refresh your perception of this area is to pain cabinets, walls and some parts of furniture to put accents. It is the simplest, the cheapest and the fastest way to give your old “worn” kitchen a fresh look. Besides, our experts will share their kitchen paint ideas and will give you step by step instructions how to expand the space or hide some cons of planning or compensate lack of natural light.

First, you should understand that a kitchen is a commonly heavily used room in the house with a wicked climate: hot water, ovens, temperature difference, cooking are the factors which exert detrimental effect on surfaces in the kitchen. This is the factor to consider first when choosing paint and color for cabinets and kitchen walls (unless you have floor and wall tiling). General idea of kitchen painting is that you should better choose soothing color scheme as it is more compatible with other color accents. It will be essential, if after painting your kitchen, you will desire to chance other furniture or add some bright accents. In order to avoid color mismatching our experts recommend considering cream, blue and green.

Kitchen Colour Schemes

To breathe life into your kitchen the experts advise to put accents. These can be some bright pieces of furniture or kitchen utensils, various accessories in eye-popping colors or some weird shapes and distinguished designs. However, if you kitchen needs major renovation or you desire to bring major changes in the design of the area then you should consider the most popular kitchen colour schemes. And the first designer secret for ultimate kitchen renovation and refreshing is choosing non-stainable colors. Cream one is the best color scheme. There are thousands of shades of cream color and if mixed and applied properly you will get a light, cozy, practical and highly usable kitchen. One of the greatest solutions for kitchen is to apply different shades of cream color on different walls to create so-called effects of light and shadow. Applying lighter colors on the walls which are remote from natural light source (windows, doors) you can create an effect of larger space which is so essential in really small kitchens. If dining, lounge areas and kitchen are open plan, then you either should consider kitchen colour schemes which will match with other colors or renovate the entire area. If your kitchen windows facing a garden or a very green street then green colors are more acceptable. Blue kitchen color scheme will be better for creating ease and tranquility.

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Cream Kitchens

Today cream kitchens are the most popular, as cream color produces several effects as expanding the space, creating coziness and some retro feeling. Moreover cream kitchens are the most practical as this color is considered to be the most non-stainable and easily cleanable. Besides, you will be able to easily create modern looks matching cream color and natural wood. The most popular color schemes for cream kitchens are: combination of light cream shade and black, cream and deep brown, cream and natural wood shades and elements. Some bolder solutions are combinations of cream color and eye-popping shades as canary-yellow or fuchsia pink. If you dare try such extreme kitchen color schemes, then keep in mind the rule of less being better. Put the accents into your soothing color kitchen very carefully and you will get one of the trendiest looks. If you prefer more usable and practical solutions then choose various shades of cream and that is all. Apply lighter shade of paint on the walls and choose a bit darker cream shade for the cabinets. If you do vice versa then you will visually narrow the space in your kitchen. Besides, light color cabinets are not a very usable and practical solution.

Blue kitchen

If you tend to some romantic, easy and simple kitchen design, yet different from the most traditional styles and established kitchen designs then blue kitchen is exactly your option. Choosing the shades of blue for your kitchen the experts recommend deciding upon naturally inspired tones: sky-blue, ocean-blue, flower-blue. Be careful with very bright and deep shades of blue. You can use these shades only for accents. If your kitchen is rather spacious and you will paint it in dark blue you risk to result in a very heavy and psyche pressing design. The lighter shades you decide upon, the greater space for perception you will get in result. Moreover light blue color is easily matched with cream, yellow, green, black, silver and classic white. Thus you will not need to change the furniture and appliances to keep the design and color scheme balanced.

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Green kitchen

Green is the most natural, live and vibrant color you can ever imagine. It is not pressing or eye-straining. Moreover green color is highly compatible with all other colors you can fit into your kitchen: white, yellow, black, brown, cream, blue. Besides, green kitchen is in trend by now as the most renowned interior designers create new kitchen looks with green being basic color. We offer you the greatest kitchen green color schemes from pastel pistachio tone to vibrant chartreuse shade. Following our tips and how-tos you will be able to give your kitchen a fresh vibrant look in the latest designer trends!

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