Karndean’s Da Vinci Collection

Karndean Company that occupies with design floor coverings has recently supplemented its famous Da Vinci collection with 22 new designs, 12 of which are of wood and 10 – of stone.


Da Vinci range became famous for its natural look colors, original and stylish designs, unique and exclusive. The company brought a fresh look at floor coverings for all types of premises. Creators got inspiration from nature and XXth century when wood and stone were widely used to decorate homes. This collection is more about rustic designs but in a more modern realization. Stone designs also look natural and innovative that helps to create outstanding designs and recreate products from the real natural world. All wood and stones designs look fabric, classic and reclaimed.

The range of colors of wood designs is from light to brown. Natural Oak, Harvest Oak, and Blended Oak are classic designs which look classy and are of high quality. They may embellish any interior as well as stone designs. Colors of stone coverings range from pale to the dark. They come in the variety of looks – neutral and bright ones, to help to create the incredible look. Stone designs look industrial, especially with the effect with muted tones. Each tone accentuates the originality and specific features of each color. Four Limed Oak designs joined Da Vinci collection: Limed Silk, Limed Jute, Limed Linen, and Limed Cotton. They all look beautiful and chic, but their finish emphasized the unique grain details of each above-mentioned.

All new products are available in the Kardean stores and representative offices. Be the first to check it out and appreciate a great contribution of Kardean to the market of floor coverings. Find out more at the official site of the company.

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