The company’s history spans for almost eighty years. During this time, a small packing material production company has transformed into one of the largest PVC linoleum producers in Europe. In 2009, Juteks opened a factory in Russia (Kameshkovo, Vladimir Oblast). The factory produces affordable linoleum rolls branded as Ideal.

Juteks currently produces several brands of linoleum:

  • Juteks (Belgium, Slovenia, Russia);
  • Beauflor (Slovenia, Russia);
  • Ideal (Russia).

Juteks produces a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial vinyl linoleums (EN 685 classes 21-43). Premium linoleums use textured anti-slip embossing. Budget PVC linoleum is known for its affordable price and acceptable quality.

Main advantages:

  • High wear, moisture and abrasion proofing thanks to use of several protective technologies (Protective Coating, Wear Resistant, PU Guard). Fiberglass is used as middle layer, preventing the linoleum from deforming and tearing;
  • All products are fully certified for sanitary-hygienic and fire safety. Several collections are also voluntarily certified for ecological safety;
  • More than 40 collections with various monochrome and textured decors. Wood, cork, natural and artificial stone imitations are available;
  • Two types of vinyl linoleum are produced: polyester (warm felt) and foamed PVC;
  • Easy to lay and use;
  • Affordable price of household and commercial products.

Main disadvantages:

  • Economy class collections use low-density base. They do not have anti-slip surface and emit a specific smell that disappears in several months;
  • High price of premium products;
  • Cannot be used with underfloor heating systems.
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