Italian Tile Manufacturers

Italian tile is known to be the best in the world as Italian tile manufacturers create not only durable high class tiles.

Every Italian sort of tile is a genuine masterpiece combining Italian manufacturing tradition, ethics and creative flair. Italian tiles are not just a finishing material to cover floors and walls in your house. These are genuine artworks inspired with great cultural traditions. Italian tiles are creative and will perfectly add any interior. These tiles are suitable as for commercial so for private residential areas. Which Italian tiles manufacturers keep the leadership on the market?

Italian Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers

Modern Italian ceramic tile manufacturers offer an array of exquisite styles, sizes and forms, innovative textures and colors. Ceramics is traditional but by now it is one of the most sought after materials of tiles. It is durable and scratch resistant. Italian ceramic tiles will not scratch, burn, fade from the sunlight. Apart from high durability and quality Italian ceramic tiles manufacturers present the products in the greatest variety of shapes and designs among which you will easily choose the best coverings for your house.

Italian ceramic tiles are named a symphony of color, design and quality. Each piece of tile looks unique and original, yet simple. Thus, you can be sure, that giving preference to Italian tiles you will get the best possible choice adding some exquisite Italian flair to the interior of your home. Besides, it is a matter of prestige to design your house with Italian made coverings. Moreover, Italian manufacturers of tiles are considered to be world­leading design trend setters. The interior designers create artistic collections which do more resemble collections of artworks than of average surface coverings.

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We have worked hard and chosen the best manufacturers of Italian ceramic tile for you to make your choice simpler. Read the essential information on leading Italy ceramic tile manufacturers, look through photo galleries of tiles, designs, shapes and styles, and choose best tile coverings for your house!

Italian Porcelain Tile Manufacturers

Porcelain is another popular material for tile. Porcelain tile is commonly a sort of ceramic tile with the only difference being the finest clays used for its production. Thus a manufacturing process is as well slightly different. However, the difference is so unremarkable that you will not feel it when using the tile. However, it is a commonly known fact that porcelain is a less porous material determining the areas in the house on which porcelain tile is better to use. Porcelain tiles are the best solution for kitchens and bathrooms where water is a serious consideration. Besides, porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic ones and thus they better tolerate higher loads. Thus porcelain tiles should better be used for surfaces subjected to heavy traffic. Porcelain tiles are advised for residential and commercial areas.

We have thoroughly reviewed the most popular Italian porcelain tile manufacturers and have chosen the best of the best manufacturers for you. You will find the products of the best price­quality ratio. We have selected the most sought after designs and the most in demand color schemes. You will find porcelain tiles of Italian manufacturers with or without patterns as well as tips of which tile is better for kitchen, bathroom, living room and patio, how to combine colors to expand the space of small rooms. Get professional designer tips for absolutely free and renovate your home according the hottest designer trends with the best Italian manufacturers of porcelain and ceramics.

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