iRobot Roomba 560 Robotic Cleaner Review

iRobot Roomba 560 Review

iRobot Roomba 560 is a middle class robotic cleaner developed by iRobot, one of the leaders in autonomous cleaning industry. This automated vacuum cleaner is a perfect addition to your home, apartment, office or other buildings. It is outfitted with latest technologies and additions to increase the cleaning efficiency, device longevity and reliability.


Roomba 560 is designated for dry cleaning of buildings. It supports various functions designed to make cleaning more efficient. This includes, but not limited to, intellectual cleaning, free navigation on stairs and inclined surfaces, and automatic docking to home station. Roomba 560 is quite limited compared to Rooba 600 / 700 Series – it doesn’t have an electronic display for programming the device, Lighthouse system and long cleaning cycle support. However, these functions are not essential. They do not affect overall cleaning quality.

Here’s what you’ll find inside a Roomba 560 box:

  • Virtual wall: 2 pcs;
  • Charger: 1 pc;
  • Floor home base: 1 pc;
  • Battery: 1 pc;
  • Brush cleaning tool: 1 pc;
  • Additional air filter: 5 pcs;
  • Rubber turbo brush: 1 pc;
  • Trash container: 1 pc;
  • Main brush cleaning accessory: 1 pc;
  • Bristle turbo brush: 1 pc;
  • User’s manual;
  • DVD with tutorials.

Design and Control Elements

The robot looks quite nice thanks to its small size and moderate grey-black color gamut. Clean (launch automatic cleaning), Dock (return to base station) and Spot (local cleaning) buttons are located on the central area of the device.

You can find the Schedule button slightly bit lower. It is used to program the robot to clean the home on its own while you’re away. The programming buttons are on the top, slightly above the Spot button. You will also find two indicators there. They let you know if the dust collector has filled or if an intensive cleaning is required.

Roomba 560 can charge itself. When the charge level drops, it will find a home station, travel and dock to her and begin charging. It will take around three hours for Roomba 560 to fully charge.

You can find a special handle on the robot’s upper part. Use it to pick Roomba 560 up and carry it to the place you need to clean. If you pick up a working robot, it will shut down immediately.

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  • Cleaning type: Dry;
  • Weight – 3,5 kg;
  • Dimensions – 320 mm in diameter; size – 9 cm x 32 cm;
  • Height – 80 mm;
  • Battery capacity: 3300 mA/h;
  • Time of work until full discharge: up to two hours;
  • Time of full battery recharge: ~3 hours;
  • Noise level: ~60 dB;
  • Suction power: 80 W;
  • Dust collector volume: 1 l;
  • Movement modes: zigzag, on spiral, around walls.

Principle of Operation and Performance

Prepare the room before launching Roomba 560. Remove all clothes scattered on the floor and fragile items. The robot can collide with them and slow down.

Roomba 560 cleans with quality and effort. Triple cleaning system does its job very well. The first part is a turbo brush that removes the dust from corners and other hard to reach places. It is complemented with two brushes that move in opposite directions. One brush is made of rubber, another one – from bristle. The final part is the vacuum itself. 50 mbar vacuum sucks down any dust and other small particles.

Like all robotic cleaners, Roomba 560 is outfitted with a mobile bumper that contains six IR and one ultrasound sensor. The vacuum uses them to determine the proximity to various obstacles. Four IR sensors on the bottom of the robot helps robot detect the height differences and avoid falling off them.

The robot moves with two separate rubber-coated steering wheels. They are installed on special dampers that provide a 3 cm clearance between the floor and the bottom of the robot. It is needed so that the robot can climb on carpets and doorways. There’s also a black-and-white bow thruster on the front part of robot. It utilizes this peculiar color scheme to let you know whether the thruster is spinning or not. As a result, you’ll always know whether the robot is running and is there anything that doesn’t let it move. The dust collector is divided in two parts with a paper filter. It lets the robot filter our even the smallest dust particles, preventing the risk to human health.

Overheat protection system is yet another convenient function of the vacuum. It prevents the robot from emitting overheat odor. Traditional vacuum owners must be pretty acquainted with it.

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“Anti-slip” function lets the robot traverse freely in areas with cables. It is doing its best to avoid the cables, but sometimes Roomba can get itself trapped. That’s why the manufacturer advices to remove the cables during cleaning if you can. Should the robot get trapped, it will engage all its brushes and try to get out; if it fails, it will emit a beep.

The robot calculates time to clean and detects the room area before starting the procedure. The larger the room and the more obstacles it haves, the more time it will take to clean it. The manufacturer recommends to use the virtual walls to divide the overall cleaning area into several smaller zones.


Main features of Roomba 560:

  • Able to clean linoleum, laminate, carpets, tiles and parquet;
  • Easy to use and control;
  • Easy-to-clean brushes;
  • Adapts to any flooring;
  • Automatic battery discharge detection;
  • Returns to base on low charge.

iRobot Roomba 560 costs around $470. It is a midrange class device with three years of official manufacturer warranty. iRobot offers free repairs under certain circumstances.

Roomba 560 is a perfect assistant for cleaning your home, office, apartment or other buildings. It is completely autonomous and can work without any human assistance. Its specifications and functions allow him to work reliably for ling time while limiting the servicing time to a minimum, while the design and small dimensions won’t cause any discomfort.

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