Inexpensive Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Your Home

Backsplash area is one of the most susceptible parts of the kitchen as it is often affected with unintended water splashes, leftovers from pots and plates as well as with washing agents and soap splashes. With time this area needs renovation. In this article we will give you inspiring inexpensive kitchen backsplash ideas which will make jaws drop!

Backsplash Materials

First of all we should focus on the materials for our new inexpensive kitchen backsplash. Commonly the kitchen walls are tiled as ceramic tile is one of the most durable materials known for its immunity to high temperatures, humidity and aggressive chemical agents. Moreover, tile is easily cleaned. Tile keeps its initial look for the longest period of time. But the main disadvantage of this finishing material is its cost. Commonly high quality tiles are very expensive. But today we will consider ideas which will cost you absolutely nothing.

Inexpensive Kitchen Backsplash Idea 1 – Use Extra Tile Pieces

Inexpensive Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Many households have some extra tile pieces. These may be of different styles, shapes, colors and textures. Some masters keep the tile remnants for renovation of the tiled surfaces. But experience has proven that tile damage is a good chance for complete renovation. We offer you to use these various tiles for kitchen backsplash. To start with we advise you to carefully measure the surface that should be covered. Then, take a look of your tiles. You can form an abstract backsplash from these tiles. If required you can easily cut the tiles to shape your backsplash in a desired form or to shift the colors in the matrix. The hottest kitchen interior trend is the mixture of styles, shapes and textures. Thus making a backsplash with various tile pieces you will get the hottest solution and will not spend a penny. Tile backsplash will is one of the most durable solutions you can find for the kitchen. The expenses for your original backsplash will come to fitting and adhesive materials. But we are sure you have some left after kitchen renovation.

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In case you have just shatters of broken tiles you will be able to create an original and the same durable tile backsplash for kitchen which will the same cost you nothing. However you will need more time to create a desired backsplash. You have surely understood the backbone of the idea. We offer you to use tile shatters to create a new style for your backsplash. Do not be afraid to mix the textures and colors. Take a look over your kitchen. If your kitchen is decorated in calm pastel colors, then making the backsplash from multicolored pieces of tiles will add some bright accents to an overall kitchen design. We advise you to lay out the mosaic backsplash on the floor first and take a picture of your creation as it may look differently. Only when you are sure that you have done the best pattern, then you may start fitting it on the wall.

The idea of creating inexpensive kitchen backsplashes from the materials you have after previous renovations of your house sounds great. Many households keep the materials for a long period of time hoping to sometime in the future find a use for them.

Inexpensive Kitchen Backsplash Idea 2 – Use Other Materials After Renovation

To that end you can use any materials you have left after renovations. Wood looks great for backsplashes, however it is not as durable as tile. You can use plastic as well. When we renovate kitchens we should keep in mind not only the look and style of the kitchen but its safety as well as the kitchen is an epicenter of firestorms, floods and other disasters provoked when cooking. Tile is the safest material ever known for kitchen surfaces. It is natural and safe. Besides, it looks great on the walls and is easily cleaned.

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