IKEA Begins Selling Pre-Built Solar Systems

What do you think of when somebody mentions IKEA? Don’t know about you, but we usually think of how we spent countless hours trying to assemble their furniture. However, the redeeming factor here is that IKEA cares about the environment. The company is known to be one of the most environmentally-friendly enterprises worldwide.

It cames to us as no surprise when IKEA announced a pre-built kit of solar panels and home batteries. Right now the kit is only available for the British customers, but we hope it will find its way to the international market as soon as possible.

The system is anything but cheap, costing a whopping £6,925 (around $8,500). It includes solar panels inegrated with Solarcentur roofing solution, a 25-year panel guarantee and six-year installation warranty, and all required hardware.

The supplied battery is meant to work with the provided solar panels, but it will also work with existing solar installations just fine. In fact, you can even buy it separately and use it in addition to your current system.

According to IKEA’s estimates, an average British house with a solar panel will consume around 40% of the energy it will generate. Usually, you could sell the remainder to the National Grid, but this isn’t a very profitable deal, as you’ll end up selling energy for just a fraction of its cost. This is where the batteries come into play. They allow you to store solar electricity and use it later, allowing you to use just about 80% of what you generate.

Environmental benefits are good, without any doubt, but let’s talk finances. According to IKEA’s numbers, you’ll be able to cut your electricity bill by around 70%. Plus, you’ll recoup the funds you’ve spent on the panel in about 12 years or so. The panels will still be on warranty!

And the most important part for you is that you won’t have to build the whole system yourself.

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