How To Get In Top? Share Your Design Ideas!

Our site is designed to inspire you for the best home improvement. Our experts constantly browse hundreds and thousands of design ideas to select the best examples for you. That is why we are glad to engage you in the process of genuine inspiration. We daily post new ideas and encourage you to send us photos of your newly improved houses to share your ideas with our community. Your photos will contain your copyright.

Why do we encourage you to share your ideas with us? You know that houses in general and kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms in particular looking stylish on pictures, but in reality most of the ideas, which you can find in magazines and on designer websites are not viable. These glamorous stylish ideas for home improvement look unhomely and uncomfortable, cold and unfriendly. Many people when browsing designer trends for home renovation can not imagine how offered styles will come up with their Sweet and dear things for interior décor (old fashioned lamps, out of dated but so cozy cushions). Some designer ideas look weird and offer crazy colors which are out of your understanding of coziness and quietness of sweet sweet home. Besides, when browsing the designer ideas for homes you subconsciously understand that you will not get an individual design, you know that no matter how hard you will try, you will just the same get a clone of designer idea. Then your house will lose individual style and warmth!

That is why we are encouraging you to share your ideas with us. Have you successfully mixed the colors of walls? Do you know the secrets of natural light and color match? Have you created your own style? Then we are waiting for your ideas!

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The matter is that people are sick and tired of correct to a dot designs offered by studios and famous interior design artists. People understand that designer ideas look great in studios and offices however they will not work for homes.

We regularly add new photos and pictures of designs for your inspiration. But inspiration for other people may be around you. Take some pictures of your home and send us and it may happen that your design will be chosen to add to our TOP TEN galleries. If you are here and are searching for new ideas for you home then you are a very keen on design and interior. We are sure that your home is worth being one of the best examples and best sources of inspiration for those people who are looking for the greatest amateur ideas to improve their apartments and homes.

We encourage you to send us not only the ideas of design of your home, but to share with our community the DIY solutions you are practicing. Have you invented a simple and easy way of clean wall painting? Do you know how to give a fresh look to a kitchen without complete facelifting? Then we are waiting for your ideas! Send quality photos to our design department and our experts will post your pictures in the galleries with your copyright.

We give you inspiration and now we want you to become a part of our team to help create people great designs for their sweet homes!

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