How to Clean Carpets: Some Advice and Secrets

We all face the necessity of a house clear-out (a general one from time to time). One of the most difficult and tiresome tasks is a carpet cleaning. Sometimes a carpet can smell bad because it has absorbed smells of food and domestic animals or it can be simply dusty and dirty and there is nothing pleasant in it. If you do not do a regular cleaning of carpets at home, then during a clear-up you will need a drastic chemical agent for a carpet cleaning as dirt will be ingrained into the material structure and it will be not easy to get rid of it.

The easiest advice on avoidance of excessive dirt on the carpet is not to pass through the carpet in street footwear (surely, you already know it). But the best way to keep your carpet clean is a daily vacuuming and a weekly cleaning with a dry absorbent. To obtain the best result you can make a professional cleaning from time to time that enables removing more permanent dirt and ingrained spots.

For a carpet clear-out it is necessary to use a cleaning agent suitable for the type of dirt which you have. Costs for this procedure will be minimal and necessary equipment is your home vacuum-cleaner. Besides, a home shampoo for a carpet cleaning would be also of a great help. Carpet clear-out is based on an interesting scientific phenomenon: a special cleaning agent makes dirt come up to a carpet surface where it is easy to remove from. As soon as you spread a suitable cleaning agent on the carpet surface, it will immediately start absorbing dirty parts and dissolve them. Thereby, when you vacuum your carpet, dirt will be completely removed from its surface.

4 main methods of a carpet cleaning

There are 4 main methods of a carpet cleaning:

  • vacuum-cleaning with a special accessory (in some cases this cleaning will be enough, i.e. without use of special shampoos for carpets and other cleaning agents);
  • cleaning with a dry absorbent (water is not used in this method, that is why it is sometimes called “dry-cleaning”);
  • cleaning with steam (this is a favorite method of carpet cleaning among professionals, when a cleaning agent is dissolved in water, and then the final solution is spread into the carpet as a warm steam and vacuumed; thereby, dirty parts connected with steam parts are extracted from the carpet, although you must be careful in order not to make the carpet completely wet);
  • cleaning with a dry foam (first a carpet must be vacuumed, then you should spread a cleaning shampoo on the carpet surface as a foam with a minimal moisture content – about 10%, after this a carpet must be vacuumed once again; the mechanism of action for such a cleaning agent is the same as during cleaning with steam; it’s worth vacuuming the carpet right away after foam is spread on its surface in order to avoid an excessive soaking.
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While choosing an optimal method for a carpet cleaning note that it mostly depends on a type of a carpet that you are going to clean. The applied cleaning agent and the selected method of cleaning must correspond to the material your carpet is produced from.

Unfortunately, not many people know about the correct methods of carpet cleaning, about the fact how often this cleaning should be done and what agents therewith to be use, also about many other important shades, for instance, about the fact that when hard dirty spots, mostly dry, appear on the carpet they should be removed by hand first.

Secrets on removing spots

The most correct way of removing spots from the carpet is the following: (if you’ve just spilt the liquid on the carpet) first it is necessary to gather a liquid as much as possible, blotting the spot from edges to the center (because if you try to blot from the center to edges, it will be bigger in size) and then it’s better to apply the method of cleaning with steam. This method enables to remove spots which are difficult to go away, such as, for instance, from red wine, but it is optimal only for a quick removal of spots. But sometimes spots can get back, even after the action of a cleaning agent finishes, that’s why you will hardly do without a washing vacuum-cleaner. Special steam cleaners will be suitable for removing the most permanent spots. If you seriously intend to get rid of a spot from the carpet, take into consideration some things: what produced the spot on the carpet, when it happened, and also its size.

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Many people prefer to use a method of a real chemical cleaning to remove the most permanent spots. For definite types of spots it is the only right solution. But if you do not want to deal with complicated household chemicals, you can do with creative resources. As well as we use a household soda for removing spots from clothing, for a removal of ingrained spots from the carpet you can use drying carbonate cleaning agents. It is not difficult to make such an agent in home conditions: add 3 tea spoons of any colorless liquid for dish washing, ¼ cup of ammonia spirit and ¼ cup of vinegar into 7-8 liters of water. With a help of this mixture it is possible to remove spots almost of any kind.

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