How to Choose the Color of Tiles for the Bathroom

Tiles for the bathroom are represented by different sizes of models, as well as the richness of the colors and the abundance of decorations surface, such as topography or unique pattern.

Also, encouraging and functional characteristics: distinguished floor tiles in the bathroom; walls and shower area.

However, because of the abundance of options tiles for the bathroom at times, it is difficult to determine which color in the interior will look the most advantageous. Consider the classic rules of colors and shades in the design of the bathroom.

Vinyl tiles in the bathroom

Vinyl tiles in the bathroom

Create a unique, exclusive interior in the bathroom may be due to the vinyl tile, which in addition to a variety of selection models, is characterized by its environmental friendliness, high moisture resistance, ease of installation and convenience.

Laying the tiles in the bathroom this will provide all the necessary conditions because one of the main advantages of this material is resistant to high loads and shock.

Putting it on the floor, you can be sure that even after several years of your floor will not crack, does not curdle, not rot, does not shrink or even be exposed to steam or water of any temperature.

Due to the processing of ultraviolet radiation such tiles is not moving, making it safe to use it for installation on walls and floors of bathrooms rooms.

This type of flooring is considered one of the most durable and versatile materials, because, in addition to durability and hygiene, vinyl is completely water resistant, not affected by a variety of flora and insects.

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To create a certain style in the bathroom you can buy vinyl tiles of various colors, shapes and sizes, from small 20 * 20 mm to the larger 300 * 300 mm.

PVC cover with patterns simulating the wood texture of stone, brick and bamboo to create a perfect composition that will please you for a long time.

Modern design suggestions will help you bring in the bathroom abstract drawing of any complexity, to imitate oriental rug, or create a unique pattern, which makes it a real decoration of the house or apartment.

When buying, pay attention to the composition. If the composition of the tiles presents a large percentage of the mineral filler, the need for laying the perfectly flat floor.

The white tile bathroom

The white tile bathroom

White tiles. Much can be said about the white tiles for the bathroom because the white color has always been a basic and common form of execution. She never goes out of fashion, so you do not have to update your bathroom every few years.

White goes well with almost all other colors. In the bathroom, decorated with white tiles, you can change the accessories and other accessories as often as you wish.

Black tiles for the bathroom

Black tiles for the bathroom

Black tiles. Bathroom, whose walls are lined with black tiles, looks very nice. But the rest of the colors in the design, choose lighter shades, otherwise, the bathroom will look too dark.

If the room gets plenty of natural light, you can safely decorate the walls black tiles. It will look good with a green, orange or blue.

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Glass mosaic

Bathroom glass mosaic tile

The glass mosaic can be represented in a fairly intense color. You can opt for a mosaic with semiprecious stones, mosaic motifs with traditional or more modern designs.

Before facing the wall lay the desired pattern on the floor, to ensure that the colors are chosen correctly, and the whole picture looks harmonious.

Hand-painted tiles for the bathroom

Hand-painted tiles for the bathroom

Hand-painted tiles. Such tiles can be quite expensive, but it adorned the bathroom, you will create a unique, individual design. In most cases, not be a problem to find a suitable pattern that will blend in with the rest of the colors.

Select handpainted tiles in the picture that has the color corresponding to the rest of the design and decoration. Remarkably will look a combination of painted and plain tiles on the bathroom walls.

Brown tiles for the bathroom

Brown tiles for the bathroom

Brown tiles. Tiles brown color looks good with black decorations. This is a fairly wide range of colors for the bathroom, but the abuse that color is not necessary. If you still want to decorate the bathroom brown tiles, then it will be coated with only one of the functional areas of the room.

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